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Thank you for your kind mes­sage, and I at­tach a cou­ple of pic­tures of the Rover 20hp with twodoor drop­head coach­work by Tick­ford. This one is called ‘But­ter­cup’, and she is owned by my friend Howard Buchanan, who lives near me in Isham, Eng­land.

Howard says that But­ter­cup fea­tured on the front cover of the Jan./feb. 1992 is­sue of Free­wheel­ing, which was the magazine of the Rover Own­ers Club of Aus­tralia.

At that time, there was known to be just one Rover 20hp Sa­loon— which was the ba­sis for the Tick­ford drop­head — in Aus­tralia, and it was owned by David Hol­lis­ter of Tur­ra­murra, NSW.

Mr Hol­lis­ter is still listed as a mem­ber of the Rover Sports Reg­is­ter; how­ever, Howard be­lieves that he no longer has the car.

I am very for­tu­nate to have been driven, in But­ter­cup, to sev­eral Rover and other clas­sic car events in Eng­land, and I can con­firm that she is a very well-en­gi­neered car, still free of rat­tles and giv­ing gal­lant, smooth, com­fort­able, and re­li­able ser­vice af­ter 76 years!

I saw five Tick­ford drop­heads, in­clud­ing Howard’s, at Rover’s 110th an­nual rally in Eng­land, in 2014; how­ever, Howard’s was the only 20hp one. Tick­fords were also made on the 14hp and 16hp Rover chas­sis.

While writ­ing, I know that it’s easy for a Euro­pean petrol­head to iden­tify most of your pic­tures of rear-en­gined cars, but how did I do?

Thank you for a great magazine. My old­est school friend sends it to me, of­ten, and I al­ways en­joy it!

Wil­liam Stander­wick, Isham, Northamp­ton­shire, Eng­land Many thanks for send­ing us the info on But­ter­cup, it’s def­i­nitely a fine-look­ing car. While I’ve not per­son­ally seen one down in this part of the world, that’s not to say there aren’t any. Let’s hope our read­ers can let us know if any are hid­ing away. AFW

BTW: You scored 10/10.

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