Mem­ory lane

New Zealand Classic Car - - Readers' Writes - Ross Baker (left), stand­ing with Chris Cook

Just a quick note to say the uniden­ti­fied per­son on page 54 (Kits and Pieces) [Is­sue No. 307] with Ross Baker is Chris Cook. They were the back­bone of Heron — Ross was the thinker, where Chris was the doer! I think Chris has passed away from mo­tor neu­ron dis­or­der.

I was only a young lad in the ’80s, but I re­mem­ber spend­ing a lot of time at Heron as my dad, Peter Guil­ford, was close friends with Ross.

Dad built a yel­low MJ1 that he gave to my mum for a birth­day or an­niver­sary present (I think he for­got to get her some­thing!). The car was fit­ted with a Fiat twin­cam en­gine.

I still re­mem­ber dad, Ross, Tony Baker, and Chris rac­ing Sko­das up and down the work­shop road (one time, one went through a wire fence, as the driver didn’t know that it didn’t have any brakes!).

Any­way, that’s my 2c’ worth. Thanks for a great write-up and a trip down mem­ory lane!

Dean Guil­ford, Christchurch

Thanks, Dean. Did your mother ever get to drive the MJ1? AFW

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