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ou’d be hard-pressed to find a true car lover who hasn’t heard of Rain-x, but just be­cause a prod­uct has been around for decades doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean it can live up to the hype. So when a bot­tle of it ar­rived on our desks this month — a month that’s been a fairly wet one — we fig­ured now was our chance to put it to the test and see if it’s all that it’s hyped up to be.

Ac­cord­ing to the pack­ag­ing, the prod­uct treats glass with a “su­per-slick, non-stick in­vis­i­ble bar­rier that re­pels rain, sleet, and snow on con­tact”.

As you’d ex­pect, it’s a sprayon, wipe-off prod­uct that can only be ap­plied to al­ready clean win­dows, and takes just a minute or two to ap­ply.

It was a bit dif­fi­cult to find sleet and snow in Auck­land, but we can con­firm it gen­uinely makes a big dif­fer­ence in the way rain glides off your wind­screen. Es­sen­tially, the re­sult is much like how wa­ter beads off a freshly pol­ished paint job. At any­thing above 65kph on our test ve­hi­cle, the wa­ter sim­ply slid up off the screen dur­ing av­er­age-type rain.

While we only tested it out on late-model daily driver ve­hi­cles, the re­sults would only be am­pli­fied in an older ve­hi­cle with an­ti­quated win­dow wipers, and cer­tainly worth ap­ply­ing be­fore head­ing off on a mar­ginal day, or to overnight events. Although we didn’t try it, head­lights can also be treated with the same prod­uct to help im­prove night-time vis­i­bil­ity, as can shower glass to help wa­ter bead­ing.

For a re­tail price of around $25 from most au­to­mo­tive re­tail­ers for the 473ml bot­tle such as the one we tried, we’d highly rec­om­mend it. We used around 10 squirts of the trig­ger for an av­er­age-size car win­dow, so can only imag­ine one bot­tle will see you right for years to come.

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