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In your July is­sue on page 46 there is an ar­ti­cle on the his­tory of Vaux­hall from about 1903 up to the car in ques­tion — the Cresta mod­els PB and PC, 1965–1967. As Donn [An­der­son] states, they in­her­ited the 2.6-litre en­gine from the PA, which, with a 95.25mm stroke and a bore of 95.25mm, equates to 2.6 litres. Now work out the same stroke with a bore of 111.12mm and it equates to 3298cc, so it’s not the same en­gine. Not a Bed­ford en­gine as Donn claims. Bed­ford never had an en­gine with a 95.25mm stroke. The Vaux­hall en­gine also has a 12-port head. No Bed­ford, ei­ther 3506cc (214ci) or 4916cc (300ci) had a 12-port head.

I have had this ar­gu­ment many times over the years, and I have owned both types of en­gines. The Bed­ford 214 (3506cc) was, maybe, evolved from the Chevro­let en­gine, but once again there are many dif­fer­ences.

Jim Mc­fadzien, Gore

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