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Hav­ing reached the nos­tal­gic stage of life, I wish to turn the clock back to find an old love. My wife and I owned this car back in the late 1950s to early ’60s. It was used for hill-climb­ing events as well as gymkhanas and a South Island tour. I am seeki

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In a pre­vi­ous is­sue a reader had sup­plied a photo and his­tory of a Duck­hams prod­uct, and you sug­gested if there were any other relics out there, to let you know.

The photo shows a plas­tic 500g pot of Europa Multi Pur­pose lithium grease with a wordy spec­i­fi­ca­tion on the rear, its ap­pli­ca­tions, how to clean sur­faces and com­po­nents, as well as how to ap­ply the grease onto wheel bear­ings and the like. The half-used pot does sep­a­rate to a thick oil/grease, so is mixed and ap­plied with the well-pro­tected 100mm nail each time.

I re­mem­ber this be­ing in our boat­shed in a re­mote part of the Bay of Is­lands in the 1970s, be­ing used on wa­ter­sup­ply pumps, door hinges, locks, out­board brack­ets, hand winches, and the like. The pot sub­se­quently got to the Waikato in a cubby hole in a fizz boat. It is used again spar­ingly on out­board brack­ets, fish­ing reels, smudged on both house and au­to­mo­tive door hinges and other car com­po­nents.

I be­lieve the Europa brand was part of the Todd Em­pire, Brian Todd found­ing the As­so­ci­ated Mo­torists’ Petrol Com­pany to im­port Rus­sian-sourced fuel from 1931, thus prompt­ing a price war. My last sight­ing of a Europa sign at a gas sta­tion was about 1990 in Pu­taruru, the sta­tion be­ing briefly At­lantic (an­other lost brand) be­fore it be­came the cur­rent BP ser­vice sta­tion.

Ian Ram­say, Ti­rau

P.S — Af­ter send­ing the ini­tial email, I searched Wikipedia. It ap­pears Bryan was one of three broth­ers that im­ported and dis­trib­uted fuel from Rus­sia, as well as set­ting up Todd Mo­tors ini­tially in Dunedin, Christchurch and Auck­land, then the assem­bly plant in Lower Hutt. The price war with Mo­bil/plume, BP, Shell and Tex­aco brought in price reg­u­la­tions in 1933. Af­ter Todd/ tax depart­ment / Gulf Oil

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