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We all know the strug­gle when it comes time to ser­vice the old banger in the shed — find­ing the right oil for the right price. But now it couldn’t be eas­ier, thanks to the new eni i-base For­mula Su­per en­gine oils. Avail­able in 15W– 40 and 20W–50 vis­cosi­ties, the oil con­tains an ex­tremely high level of ZDDP anti-wear agent — around 1600ppm — which is per­fect for older en­gines, es­pe­cially those equipped with flat-tap­pet camshafts, and it also in­cludes de­ter­gent and dis­per­sant prop­er­ties ded­i­cated to fight­ing sludge build-up. A four-litre pack of 15W– 40 re­tails at $39.95 (incl. GST), and five litres of 20W–50 for $49.95, avail­able from trans­

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