New Zealand Classic Car - - Contents - Words: Christo­pher Moor Photos: Ross de Rouf­fignac, Christo­pher Moor

Our story be­gins in the early hours of an April 2004 morn­ing when I was awak­ened by noises in the dark. I put on a dress­ing gown and slip­pers to in­ves­ti­gate th­ese bumps in the night. I traced them to the drive­way op­po­site mine, which be­longed to Trevor Stone. Tied to a trailer by a strong rope was the street’s new ar­rival, a blue 1962 Vaux­hall Velox PASX sa­loon that just hadn’t been there when I had put out the rub­bish bag ear­lier on.

Trevor’s nosey neigh­bour got out his cam­era shortly after day­light and snapped the Velox on the trailer. He took a few other shots of the car pre-restora­tion, be­fore Trevor moved to an­other city. We kept in con­tact over the years, of­ten catch­ing up at Bri­tish Car Days, where he told me how the Velox was pro­gress­ing.

Near mishap

There might have been a very dif­fer­ent end­ing to this story. When we sit down to dis­cuss the ar­ti­cle, Trevor tells me what hap­pened when he first brought the car home. He had left Lower Hutt with his Nis­san P10 Primera pulling a trailer to col­lect the Velox, ar­riv­ing at Hast­ings in the early evening. The trailer’s rear end had had to be low­ered to the ground to get the car on. “We had quite a job winch­ing the car onto the trailer, and it took three of us to push it on. It is quite a heavy car [at 1220kg],” he says. “I then be­gan a very slow trip home, as I dis­cov­ered [that] as soon as I went over 40kph, the trailer which I had hired started to sway in a wor­ry­ing man­ner. By the time I fi­nally reached the Rimu­taka hill, it was after mid­night, and, for­tu­nately, there wasn’t much traf­fic, so I wasn’t


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