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Clues across

7. Fine-look­ing but short-lived (1930–’31) US front-wheel-drive car, pow­ered by a Con­ti­nen­tal 5.5-litre straight-eight mo­tor: fewer than 100 were built, but its hand­some looks have given it clas­sic sta­tus (6) 8. US ex rac­ing driver who re­mod­elled the Uk-built six-cylin­der AC Ace into the leg­endary mid-1960s V8 Co­bra sports car (6) 10. UK en­gine maker; its prod­ucts pow­ered three dif­fer­ent makes to be pre-war win­ners of the Tourist Tro­phy, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Monte Carlo Rally (7) 11. Early US au­tomaker, ac­tive 1909–’10. Soon ousted from his own com­pany, his name re­mained prom­i­nent through Harry Jewett’s man­age­ment of the busi­ness, which was later swal­lowed up by the Gra­ham Broth­ers in 1928 (5) 12. Brand name of the Stan­dard Oil com­pany, gi­ant US oil pro­ducer now trad­ing as Exxonmo­bil (4) 13. UK Ford V8 sa­loon (1947–’51) based on the pre-war US Ford V8 Model 62 (5) 17. New Zealand and Aus­tralian ab­bre­vi­ated name for a shoot­ing brake or com­bi­na­tion vansa­loon (see also 24 across) (5) 18. Ab­bre­vi­a­tion for Bri­tain’s big­gest car com­pany from 1968 to 1975, soon af­ter the Bmc/ley­land merger (1,1,1,1) 22. ----- axle sus­pen­sion was a prim­i­tive form of in­de­pen­dent sus­pen­sion, usu­ally at the rear of a car (5) 23. Re­spected Bel­gian car maker, 1906–’49, tak­ing over two other great Bel­gian names, Ex­cel­sior and Min­erva, on the way. (7) 24. The UK name for 17 across, also used in other coun­tries (6) 25. First part of name of French coach­builders, de­rided in the UK with the nick­name ‘Phony and Flashy’! (6)

Clues down

1. Top up­mar­ket model in the var­i­ous Holden ranges from 1962 to 1980 (7) 2. This valve lets spent gas out of the cylin­der in the fourth stroke of the Otto four-stroke cy­cle (7) 3. Tri­an­gu­lar part in a Wankel mo­tor that ro­tates in a spe­cially shaped hous­ing (5) 4. French coach­builder noted mainly for spe­cial bod­ies on big Citroëns (7) 5. Daim­ler and its as­so­ci­ated com­pa­nies used this ----- fly­wheel as a suc­cess­ful form of semi-auto trans­mis­sion (5) 6. This sports model Lea-fran­cis won the 1928 Tourist Tro­phy — its en­gine made by 10 across! (5) 9. De­signer of the Mor­ris Mi­nor and the Mini, two en­dur­ing Bri­tish small-car clas­sics (9) 14. Fine Aus­tralian me­chanic / en­gine builder, its twin-cam de­signs (based on the Holden Grey mo­tor and Ford Cortina four-cylin­der) scored many rac­ing suc­cesses powering Mil­dren, Lo­tus, and Elfin cars (7) 15. French avi­a­tion com­pany that briefly made mo­tor­bikes and cy­cle cars in the early 1920s (7) 16. Sturdy but ba­sic Skoda small car of the 1950s, with its name re­put­edly de­rived from it be­ing the com­pany’s eighth ma­jor car de­sign (7) 19. Strong US car (though it sounds very English) favoured by Aus­tralian ‘Wizard’ Smith for early 1920s city-to-city drives — younger read­ers may re­call it as a type name for Ford UK’S suc­cess­ful V4 and V6 en­gines from 1966 on (5) 20. Ital­ian small pro­duc­tion builder of mainly Fiat-based sport­ing ve­hi­cles, ac­tive from 1948 to 1975, though the com­pany had been around since 1926 sell­ing tun­ing gear (5) 21. Pedi­gree small car from Lan­cia built from 1953 to 1963, re­plac­ing the Ardea and it­self re­placed by the Ful­via (5). An­swers to last month’s crossword, No. 296 Across 7. Ama­roo 8. Suzuki 10. Raleigh 11. Lu­cas 12. Avon 13. Ve­lam 17. Gipsy 18. Viva 22. Kombi 23. In­victa 24. Rekord 25. Anziel Down 1. Davrian 2. Rail­ton 3. Mo­bil 4. Pull­man 5. Buick 6. Fissa 9. Wheel­spin 14. Riviera 15. Cir­clip 16. La Salle 19. Ikara 20. Smoke 21. Avant

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