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De­pend­ing on who you talk to, the num­ber 220 rep­re­sents a cou­ple of things. Some be­lieve this was the num­ber pro­duced, which clearly isn’t the an­swer, as the XJ220 was re­leased with this moniker at the Bri­tish Mo­tor Show when pro­duc­tion was to be 350 (the fi­nal num­ber built was some­where be­tween 271 and 284 cars; we have been un­able to get an un­equiv­o­cal an­swer on this one). Most likely, it is the tar­get top speed of the XJ. Of course, this was when the car was a con­cept, and the re­al­ity of bor­ing things like tyres and a run­way long enough to es­tab­lish top speed were is­sues of the fu­ture. In test­ing, the XJ man­aged just 213mph (342.7kph), but ‘XJ213’ doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

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