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Clues across 7. Citroën’s Ro­ma­nian car-build­ing part­ner­ship with the Ro­ma­nian gov­er­ment in 1976 — Citroën with­drew from the project in 1991 (6) 8. Older read­ers may re­mem­ber this trade name — from 1933 it was a petrol brand dis­trib­uted by the Todd or­ga­ni­za­tion: the petrol was sourced, ap­par­ently quite cheaply, from Rus­sia (6) 10. Ital­ian car stylist ac­tive from 1965 to 1980 within Ber­tone, and later as a free­lancer (7) 11. Model name ap­plied by GM to Opel (1986–2003) and Oldsmo­bile (1973–’84) mod­els (5) 12. Fin­nish rally driver, in his prime a very fast and suc­cess­ful driver, win­ning 19 world cham­pi­onship ral­lies be­tween 1973 and 1988 (4) NZ rac­ing car de­signer, con­struc­tor and driver, very suc­cess­ful in Formula 5000 rac­ing in the late ’60s and into the ’70s (5) 17. PRE-WWII, a suc­cess­ful rac­ing driver and adept tuner of Ri­ley sports and rac­ing cars — and also a rac­ing Tt-win­ner motorcyclist (5) 18. Com­monly used NZ name for ni­tro­cel­lu­lose au­to­mo­bile paint fin­ish — so widely used that like Xerox, it be­came al­most a syn­onym for the paint process rather than the ac­tual prod­uct (4) 22. Honda’s hugely suc­cess­ful small car in­tro­duced in 1972 as one of Ja­pan’s first FWD de­signs to match Euro­pean driv­ing stan­dards (5) 23. ------- of op­er­a­tion is an im­por­tant fac­tor in small- and medium-size car de­sign, strongly in­flu­enc­ing a pur­chase de­ci­sion (7) 24. US au­to­mo­bile en­tre­pre­neur, who from 1953 sold Ber­tone-bod­ied niche sports cars with MG, As­ton Martin, Bent­ley (one only), or Bris­tol en­gines (6) 25. Lam­borgh­ini’s V12 GT built from 1970 to 1976, with its body de­sign by 10across (6).

Clues down 1. UK builder (1907–’57) of in­ter­est­ing flat-twin mo­tor­cy­cles, and light cars from 1913 to 1922 — the bikes had con­sid­er­able early com­pe­ti­tion suc­cess (7) 2. Im­por­tant early steam car builder, 1902–1924, in 1906 a stream­lined ver­sion reached 127.66mph/205.5kph over a mea­sured mile on Day­tona Beach (7) 3. Four-seat high-per­for­mance sa­loon built by Iso from 1967– ’75, one of Gi­u­giaro’s less suc­cess­ful de­signs, it was pow­ered by a Chev or later, Ford V8 en­gine (5) 4. Early vac­uum-op­er­ated fuel sup­ply sys­tem, used in some cars, trucks and buses, it dropped out of use by the 1930s (7) 5. Ma­jor UK steam and, later, diesel truck builder, ac­tive from the 19th cen­tury through to 1980 when it was taken over by Pac­car — the brand name en­dured through to 2006 (5) 6. Im­por­tant early fig­ure in Euro­pean au­to­mo­tive aero­dy­namic study, he worked for Zep­pelin, then in­de­pen­dently, pro­duc­ing many de­signs, no­tably for Ta­tra (5) 9. What is the com­mon en­gine de­sign fac­tor in the fol­low­ing cars: Honda 1300, Fiat 500 Bam­bina, Franklin and Porsche 356? (3-6) 14. Top-qual­ity US lux­ury mar­que, founded in 1917 and owned by Ford since 1922 (7) 15. This UK weekly motoring mag­a­zine has been on sale con­tin­u­ously since 1895 (7) 16. Col­lo­quial name for the US per­for­mance coupé mar­ket seg­ment first pop­u­lar­ized by Ford’s Mus­tang in 1964–’5 (4,3 or 7) 19. De­base­ment of the English lan­guage? ‘Au­to­mo­tive re­cy­clement fa­cil­ity’ was, in plain English 50 years ago, a ----- yard (5) 20. Does any­one else re­mem­ber this 1971–’72 steam car in Aus­tralia, shown at the Syd­ney Mo­tor Show, with a very fu­tur­is­tic body — an in­ter­est­ing might-have-been? (5) 21. French de­signed and built semi-auto trans­mis­sion, used in some late ’30s and ’40s cars, with man­ual gear se­lec­tion but elec­tro-mag­netic clutch ac­tu­a­tion (5)

An­swers to last month’s crossword, No. 297 Across 7. Ruxton 8. Shelby 10. Mead­ows 11. Paige 12. Esso 13. Pi­lot 17. wagon 18. BLMC 22. swing 23. Im­pe­ria 24. es­tate 25. Figoni Down 1. Pre­mier 2. Ex­haust 3. ro­tor 4. Chapron 5. Fluid 6. Hy­per 9. Is­sigo­nis 14. Wag­gott 15. Ble­riot 16. Oc­tavia 19. Es­sex 20. Si­ata 21. Ap­pia

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