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Tin­ker­ing away on your pride and joy? The devil’s in the de­tails, and you can’t beat the peace of mind af­forded by know­ing ex­actly how your car’s be­hav­ing. Those 21⁄ 16- inch gauges mon­i­tor­ing your car’s vi­tals can be neatly tucked at the base of your dash with a specif­i­cally-de­signed Auto Meter mount­ing panel. This par­tic­u­lar ex­am­ple, with two-hole pan­els, re­tails for $63.49 (incl. GST) at Myau­to­mo­tive: three-hole and 25⁄ 8- inch op­tions are also avail­able. Visit myau­to­mo­ to find out more.

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