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While do­ing re­search for our Busi­ness Cars of the Year ratings for this year, I checked on the safety ratings of each car we had tested. First up I used the NZTA’S “Right Car” web­site, and us­ing its search fa­cil­ity saw that many of the lat­est cars were “not rated”. Funny, I thought, since I was cer­tain some of them had been tested by ANCAP. So I went to the ANCAP web­site www., and sure enough all the ones I was look­ing at HAD been rated, and were in fact five-star cars. The prob­lem here is that many peo­ple base their buy­ing de­ci­sions (rightly so) on the safety ratings of the cars they are look­ing at. And the Right Car web­site is sup­pos­edly de­signed to as­sist in that de­ci­sion mak­ing. I had a look at the AA’S web­site, too, and I found it in­ter­est­ing that when talk­ing about new car safety ratings, the AA of­fers a link to the ANCAP web­site, not to Right Car. Is this a case of just an­other gov­ern­ment depart­ment web­site that’s not do­ing its job prop­erly – and du­pli­cat­ing ef­fort that’s be­ing done bet­ter else­where? And if so, why?

Sales up again

On a hap­pier note, sales fig­ures are out for Oc­to­ber, as I write, and once more the record book was rewrit­ten, pro­vid­ing the best Oc­to­ber sales since July 1984. The 14,000 monthly sales tally was beaten for the first time, with 14,709 new ve­hi­cles sold, and we’re 9,605 units ahead of where we were this time last year, which in­di­cates a new record ap­proach­ing for the full year. Last year we hit 134,041 in to­tal; this year, with two months to go, we’re al­ready on 121,815. Do I hear 150,000? “New ve­hi­cle sales are a barom­e­ter of busi­nesses and con­sumer’s con­fi­dence in the econ­omy. The record sales for the month of Oc­to­ber in­di­cates that there is a strong level of con­fi­dence in the per­for­mance of the New Zealand econ­omy,” says Mo­tor In­dus­try As­so­ci­a­tion pres­i­dent John Manley. Toy­ota was the over­all market leader for Oc­to­ber with 22 per­cent market share (3,287 units) with Holden sec­ond on 13 per­cent (1,866 units) and Ford third with 11 per­cent (1,624 units). Toy­ota re­mains the pas­sen­ger car and SUV market leader for Oc­to­ber with 23 per­cent share (2,468 units), with Holden sec­ond on 14 per­cent (1,490 units) and Mazda third with eight per­cent (912 units). Ford re­tained the com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle market with 21 per­cent share (839 units) fol­lowed by Toy­ota also with 21 per­cent (819 units) and Holden third with 10 per­cent (376 units). The Toy­ota Corolla was the top sell­ing pas­sen­ger model for the month of Oc­to­ber with 11 per­cent market share (1,210 units), fol­lowed by the Toy­ota Yaris on three per­cent (362 units) and the Holden Com­modore on three per­cent (356 units). The Ford Ranger is again the monthly top sell­ing com­mer­cial model for Oc­to­ber with 20 per­cent market share (768 units), and the Toy­ota Hilux sec­ond with 13 per­cent market share (512 units), fol­lowed by the Holden Colorado on nine per­cent (345 units). Year to date the Ford Ranger has stretched its lead as the top sell­ing com­mer­cial model with 19 per­cent market share (7,173 units) fol­lowed by the Toy­ota Hilux, with 14 per­cent market share (5,299 units). The pas­sen­ger seg­ments have 38 per­cent for the month of Oc­to­ber, fol­lowed by the SUV seg­ments with 35 per­cent, and the light com­mer­cial seg­ments with 26 per­cent share. Here’s the top 20 for the over­all market, year to date: 1. Ford Ranger ____________________ 7,173 2. Toy­ota Hilux ____________________ 5,299 3. Toy­ota Corolla __________________ 4,789 4. Holden Colorado _______________ 3,104 5. Toy­ota RAV4____________________ 2,810 6. Mit­subishi Tri­ton ________________ 2,667 7. Nis­san Navara __________________ 2,616 8. Kia Sportage ___________________ 2,600 9. Mazda CX-5 ____________________ 2,427 10. Toy­ota Hi­ace ___________________ 2,208 11. Holden Com­modor­e_____________ 2,188 12. Suzuki Swift ____________________ 2,153 13. Mazda3 ________________________ 2,084 14. Hyundai Tuc­son ________________ 2,057 15. Isuzu D-max ___________________ 1,993 16. Toy­ota Yaris ____________________ 1,836 17. Hyundai Santa Fe _______________ 1,772 18. Holden Cap­tiva _________________ 1,747 19. Nis­san X-trail___________________ 1,568 20. M__a_z_d_a__b_t_-_5_0________ 1,543

Sea­son’s greet­ings

Well we don’t have any geese to fat­ten up, but the old man’s hat could do with a bit of a boost as we pre­pare for Christ­mas and the New Year! Cer­tainly we’re gear­ing up to have a good time, but by all ac­counts it’s go­ing to all be within walk­ing dis­tance of home, give or take the odd lift/re­spon­si­ble driver/taxi. Al­though I’d like to go out to the bright lights, I’m more afraid of the blue lights, so cir­cum­spec­tion is very much the key word for this Christ­mas sea­son. That said, I hope you all man­age to have a re­ally good time, and let’s keep it all on the is­land so we can come back next year! All the very best to all of you, from all of us at Com­pany ve­hi­cle.

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