NIKON D5200, NIKON AF-S DX ZOOM-NIKKOR 18–55MM F/3.5–5.6G ED II LENS, 18MM, 79S, F/10, ISO 2500

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It was a moon­less night with lit­tle to no light pol­lu­tion when Wil­liam picked a spot to set up camp and his cam­era to shoot the stars. He saw a prime op­por­tu­nity to pho­to­graph his glow­ing tent set to the back­drop of the light of a mil­lion worlds — the kind of shot that’d make even the most ded­i­cated city slick­ers wish they’d gone camp­ing. Wil­liam placed his torch in the tent and cov­ered it with his jersey to dif­fuse the light and pre­vent the tent from be­ing overexposed within his im­age. With the Milky Way, tent, and moun­tain all lined up to form the right com­po­si­tion, it was one of those shots where you just nail the ex­po­sure right away. With a high ISO and ex­po­sure time of just over a minute, the moun­tain was to be fo­cused and ex­posed, with the stars still rel­a­tively crisp. It was lucky, too, as tim­ing was to prove cru­cial. “Ev­ery­thing was freez­ing; it was a strug­gle to stay out­side, so I had to be quick,” Wil­liam ex­plained. “The bat­ter­ies did not hold their charge (I as­sume from the cold), so I had to keep one bat­tery warm while the other was in the cam­era and swap them around af­ter al­most ev­ery shot.”


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