Dan­gers of the fi­nal stages

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Most fish are lost dur­ing the fi­nal stages of the fight.

Not only is the an­gler and crew fa­tigued but, worse still, most an­glers are scared of the fish. This may sound silly but when a fish that could be po­ten­tially more than 10-feet long pops up boat­side, grab­bing it can be daunt­ing. The trick is to keep calm and make sure ev­ery­one knows their role.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween the cap­tain and an­gler is es­sen­tial dur­ing this stage of the fight. A sim­ple mis­un­der­stand­ing can quickly cost the fish, or worse still, cause an ac­ci­dent.

Dan­ger is a very real is­sue and fish­ers have been pulled over, lost limbs, lac­er­a­tions and even in some cases death.

I know that one mis­take can be costly as I lost the tip of my thumb in a split sec­ond while fight­ing a big tuna.

Then there is the fish them­selves, with ra­zor blade bites. Sharks will hap­pily show off their den­tures while oth­ers, like the wa­hoo, have ra­zor blades for teeth that will cut you to the bone in an in­stant.

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