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Port Stephens is a unique lo­ca­tion that is fast be­com­ing one of the world’s hottest mar­lin fish­ing

des­ti­na­tions as Al McGlashan re­ports.

The skip baits had barely hit the wa­ter be­fore we got the bite. The striped mar­lin ma­te­ri­alised out of the blue to meet the bait al­most as soon as we put it in the rig­ger. For a split se­cond the mar­lin watched the bait as if a lit­tle bit sus­pi­cious and then sud­denly lit up neon blue and promptly smashed it.

The line snapped free of the out­rig­ger and the Ti­a­gra screamed with the first hook up of the day. As I set to work on the fish the other skip bait went off. A dou­ble hook up, but what made it all the bet­ter was the fact that it was a black and a striped mar­lin!

This was the start of a hot days fish­ing where we tal­lied up six fish, four strip­ies and two blacks and then topped it off miss­ing a blue late in the day. What made it all the more im­pres­sive was the fact that there were nearly a hun­dred boats around us and they were all hook­ing up. We were not fish­ing some ex­otic lo­cale miles from any­where in­stead we were fish­ing Port Stephens on the New South Wales mid north coast.

Two years ago the cur­rents were per­fect and the fish snapped their heads off not for a cou­ple of days as is so of­ten the case but for weeks. I was meant to be film­ing Big Fish Small Boats but I couldn’t help my­self and kept mar­lin fish­ing day af­ter day. In the space of 13 days we tal­lied 40 fish on board Strike­zone, it was the most amaz­ing fish­ing I have ever wit­nessed and best of all it was dead flat calm ev­ery day.

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