Th­ese days the only hooks I use on drop­per rigs are re­curve (or cir­cle) hooks. Re­curves, prob­a­bly more than most other hooks, need to be used cor­rectly for them to be at their best. There are three points to re­mem­ber:

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Tie them so the trace en­ters from the gape side of the hook Hook the bait through only once, right on the end. It may look wrong but with its turned-in point, the hook will not per­form well if the gape is full of bait Do not try to set the hook with a hard and fast strike. Give the fish time to get the bait in its mouth then set the hook by smoothly but firmly lifting the rod and wind­ing the reel. Too fast and the hook is likely to fly out the fish’s mouth; too hes­i­tant and the fish will drop the bait.


When us­ing re­curve hooks don’t be afraid to use a lot of lead in deep wa­ter, es­pe­cially if us­ing small baits. The fish will hook them­selves in the cor­ner of their mouth very ef­fec­tively.

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