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Good jig hooks Ter­mi­nal com­po­nents (split rings, solid rings, grom­mets) High qual­ity leader High qual­ity braid suited to the area be­ing jigged PR bob­bin Qual­ity jig­ging gloves Gim­bal belts Jig­ging setup (reel & rod) Split ring pli­ers (wide open­ing pli­ers) Jigs (dif­fer­ent colours, styles and sizes is key) Learn­ing how to tie the braid to the leader by PR or FG knot is crit­i­cal. If you can mas­ter th­ese two, you will have no is­sue if you ever lose your bob­bin. Next step is mas­ter­ing how to jig and also adding var­i­ous meth­ods of jig­ging to your arse­nal will in­crease your chances of land­ing that all time king.


Tre­ble hooks and in­line sin­gle hooks (crushed barbs are a must on both) Qual­ity stick­baits in var­i­ous colours, sizes and styles Split rings Swivels (at least 150lb) Cast­ing leader Cast­ing braid Gloves Gim­bal belt Split ring pli­ers Spin­ning reel and rod Lip gaff to stop king thrash­ing around by boat Learn­ing to tie main­line to the leader is crit­i­cal so prac­tice ty­ing the FG knot or a short­ened PR knot. Uni knot to at­tach a leader to a lure is the next knot to per­fect. Learn­ing how to work and cast a stick­bait to its best is a must. There is no use turn­ing up to a hot spot and find­ing you can­not cast far enough to get the lure into the strike zone. Also, a lure that spends more time out of the wa­ter re­duces the time kings can strike it. Get used to how each lure works and pay at­ten­tion to ev­ery sweep en­sur­ing you do your best to keep the lure in the wa­ter and not out of it.


9/0 min­i­mum cir­cle hooks Sup­ple trace Swivel to at­tach trace to leader 8oz ball or egg sinkers Gim­bal belt Once again join­ing the leader to the main­line is cru­cial so learn­ing the PR or FG knot will be a life-saver. Why not learn both? They are sim­i­lar. There are many vari­a­tions on how to com­plete th­ese knots so make it your own and mas­ter it!

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