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Good hooks are cru­cial. Ga­makatsu are an ex­cel­lent go-to SWF brand. They will rust, though, so soak your flies overnight in fresh wa­ter and dry thor­oughly. Don’t be afraid to in­cor­po­rate Christ­mas tin­sel, bits of cop­per wire from the work­shop, and other ev­ery­day ma­te­ri­als. Even teased­out string makes an ex­cel­lent an­chovy imi­ta­tion. Eyes are a key fea­ture of flies. Use large, good qual­ity eyes and plenty of resin to hold them se­curely. clouser min­now. A lit­tle bit of buck­tail goes a long way; just a small pinch of hairs for the “wing” of the fly. In red colour it makes ex­cel­lent squid flies for kings and snap­per. Barred hackle feath­ers These are long and thin from the nape of a rooster. I tie them down the fly flanks, from the head to be­yond the bend of the hook. The bars sim­u­late the stripes down the backs of de­sir­able prey species such as ka­hawai and blue mack­erel. Flashabou and EP fi­bres One of my favourite king­fish flies is the piper. At its sim­plest, long strands of white fi­bres with some flashier tin­sel tied on the up­per half of the fly; plus a pair of eyes. These cre­ate an ex­cel­lent piper imi­ta­tion.


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