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ver­sus the ‘strike straight away’.

To strike a beak hook just lift the rod tip, which will set the re­curve hook nicely in the cor­ner of the mouth. Per­son­ally, I grab the rod straight away, wind quickly, and strike as fast as I can. De­pend­ing on how long the snap­per has had the bait in his mouth, I have got the bases cov­ered with the

Bait se­lec­tion is es­sen­tial, though snap­per will eat al­most any­thing when they are hun­gry. One huge snap­per scoffed ba­con I threw in the wa­ter at the end of a camp­ing trip, and I heard of one with a gnarly old sea cu­cum­ber in its stom­ach. The best baits though? Any­thing freshly caught like ka­hawai, mul­let, piper and mack­erel, which about cov­ers what’s avail­able in our area of NZ. Then there are the bought baits: pil­lies, baby salmon, an­chovies, san­mar, baby squid, bonito etc. Choose the fresh­est look­ing baits from the freezer. Let’s face it, if you spend around $8 -$10 for 1kg of bait, make sure it’s the best.


Snap­per bites range from a full-on smash and scream­ing run to a ten­ta­tive one click on the baitrun­ner. They

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