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king­fish in un­safe con­di­tions like those be­low, it’s just an ob­ser­va­tion from days run­ning char­ter boats when I sel­dom got to pick the weather we worked in. Mar­lin and tuna Much is said about turquoise blue wa­ter and its im­por­tance when fish­ing for pelag­ics such as mar­lin and tuna. In fact, I would say too much is said on the topic, the re­sult be­ing well in­ten­tioned game­fish­er­men trolling ever wider from the coast in search of per­fect purple wa­ter in be­lief that "here is where the big fish will be found". Oc­ca­sion­ally one of these wild blue wan­der­ers will get lucky, per­pet­u­at­ing the myth. Most, how­ever, will miss out, hav­ing driven past the fish hours ago on their way to the dis­tance hori­zon.

Clean, blue wa­ter is im­por­tant to mar­lin, but so is food. Food tends to be found in the con­ver­gence zone be­tween cooler, slightly greener wa­ter and the warm blue stuff com­ing down from the trop­ics. Smart fish­er­men know that if you hang out in the food zone, it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore you get a bite.

Many of the best fish­ing spots are sub­ject to strong cur­rents. This can cause the wa­ter colour to change dur­ing the tide cy­cle. The King Bank is a great ex­am­ple of a spot that might be green and fish­less for a few hours only to be­come blue and red hot with hun­gry bill­fish with the change of tide. Ob­ser­va­tion and pa­tience is key to suc­cess here. We cover the “fish the birds” topic re­peat­edly in NZ Fish­ing World, and for good rea­son. No other sign­post is more re­li­able for the in­stinc­tive fish hunter than the feathered fish-fin­der.

Gan­nets Most read­ers will al­ready be fa­mil­iar with chas­ing gan­nets. The only com­ment I would make is to align the be­hav­ior you are ob­serv­ing with a Sol­u­nar bite time ta­ble. Fat, lazy gan­nets sit­ting around on the wa­ter an hour or so af­ter the bite time has past are a sure sign ac­tion awaits the pa­tient fish­er­man. Note the next bite time and aim to re­turn to the area for the next feed­ing ses­sion if noth­ing pro­duc­tive is found in the in­ter­val.

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