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A fine in­te­gra­tion of knowl­edge, Hu­mour and af­fec­tion. By Owen Mar­shall Awa Press Welling­ton, 2013

New Zealand has more boats per head of pop­u­la­tion than any other coun­try in the world.

In Auck­land alone, nearly one adult in eleven owns a boat. Sur­pris­ingly, though, as Matt Vance re­veals, the vast ma­jor­ity never take them out to sea.

To sail a boat is a mag­i­cal and some­times mys­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ence. The sailor is free from the cares of life on land, en­tirely ab­sorbed in the en­ter­prise of mov­ing a craf t across the wa­ter. In this book you are taken in­side the mind of the sailor, from the first scary mo­ment of han­dling a boat solo to the ex­hil­a­ra­tion of sail­ing across oceans and dis­cov­er­ing new worlds.

Don’t ex­pect to pick up sail­ing over night.

The au­thor warns learn­ing to ob­serve the wind and the sea will take some time.

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