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Be­ing healthy is about much more than los­ing weight. And let’s face it, keep­ing trim and fit is so much eas­ier if you’re func­tion­ing well and feel­ing good about the foods you con­sume.

For many peo­ple, eat­ing has be­come a rou­tine and while that may im­ply a cer­tain re­sis­tance to change, in the in­terim it can be help­ful. By grad­u­ally break­ing less-thanhealthy eat­ing habits, the ‘new you’ can es­tab­lish a new rou­tine that is so much bet­ter for you. So here are my five things that can set you on the path to health, hap­pi­ness and maybe even a trim­mer torso. 1 En­sure you have a bal­anced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veges, meat, eggs and dairy – yum. What’s to fear about this? All the good foods we are so lucky to en­joy in New Zealand – and you should eat them to stay healthy. In mod­er­a­tion of course. 2 Eat real food as op­posed to pack­aged pro­cessed food. A no-brainer you might say. But temp­ta­tion lurks in the ur­gency of mod­ern life – a few min­utes pre­par­ing your own fresh food is an in­vest­ment in your fu­ture. 3 Eat ev­ery thing in mod­er­a­tion but don’t take food too se­ri­ously. Food should be en­joy­able so don’t deny your­self a treat ev­ery once and a while. My guilty plea­sure is wine – which leads me to my next point 4 Wine is my oc­ca­sional treat and guilt y plea­sure; how­ever it can be loaded with calo­ries. In­creas­ingly, I have been go­ing for a light wine op­tion this sum­mer, in par­tic­u­lar Kim Craw­ford First Pick Sauv Blanc. We’re the Sauv Blanc cap­i­tal of the world. En­joy it be­cause you can en­joy it light. 5 Get plenty of fresh air and ex­er­cise. Again, a tough one with the pace of 21st cen­tury liv­ing but there are some fun ways – get a dog, run on the beach, play golf … use your imag­i­na­tion. Ex­er­cise doesn’t need to be a chore.

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