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Set­ting goals in any fit­ness regime is the first step. The sec­ond is car­ry­ing out the daily or weekly plan. Once you reach your goal – and it may be run­ning a marathon – you en­ter the “feel good” state.

Well I am in that “feel good” state right now. My goal was to go with­out al­co­hol for one year. The steps along the way were to get through the many so­cial oc­ca­sions I go to with­out lifting my hand to a glass of al­co­hol. The re­ward was to enjoy a glass or two of al­co­hol at my son’s wed­ding.

Well I can re­port the task was easy. It was other peo­ple who looked at me side­ways. I am sure some thought I was an al­co­holic. Lit­tle did they know that I rarely drank very much al­co­hol any­way.

I started drink­ing more wa­ter than usual. My favourite was An­tipodes still wa­ter and to add flavour I some­times added a slice of lemon.

The im­pe­tus was the knowl­edge “go­ing with­out” would help me to lose a few ki­los, so as I would be able to slip into my de­signer moth­erof-the-groom out­fit and look the part on the day.

I did ac­tu­ally lose 3.5kg and on the wed­ding day I did re­ceive quite a num­ber of kind com­ments from guests – so I am think­ing the plan worked.

My first glass to cel­e­brate on the day was a glass of Pimm’s. I can re­port that Pimm’s never tasted so good and also that the one glass lasted me for the full hour of the pre-din­ner cock­tail ses­sion.

At the re­cep­tion I en­joyed a glass of chilled rose. I noted the glass was be­ing topped-up by at­ten­tive wait­ing staff and so I am not sure ex­actly how much I con­sumed on the day.

There was much cel­e­bra­tion with fam­ily and friends who had trav­elled from far-away des­ti­na­tions over that week­end and so some more glasses of Wai­heke Is­land wine.

But now life is back to nor­mal, I can say drink­ing al­co­hol is not all that it is cracked up to be. I can eas­ily say “no” when of­fered a glass. And I now know what many se­ri­ous gym-go­ers and body­builders go through, es­pe­cially in the lead-up to com­pe­ti­tions.

In this is­sue I hope you will all read Lani Lopez’ col­umn on meta­bolic syn­drome dis­or­der [Syn­drome X]. If you have stub­born midriff fat, no mat­ter how hard you work out, one of her so­lu­tions is to avoid al­co­hol – as it causes bad choles­terol to in­crease and ad­versely stresses your liver func­tion.

Go­ing with­out is easy if you put your mind to it – and you do feel bet­ter. I did no­tice, how­ever, when in the com­pany of those en­joy­ing a glass or two – they were re­laxed and jovial – whereas I was pu­ri­tan­i­cal.

Oh well, as the say­ing goes: No pain, no gain!

Lor­raine Thom­son Pub­lisher / Ed­i­tor

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