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Let’s get one thing very clear be­fore we even dis­cuss what may be a good rou­tine for your abs. If you are look­ing to show off your abs, re­gard­less of what you may have heard, abs are “made in the kitchen” and not just in the gym. You need to fol­low a clean diet that is not ex­ces­sive in calo­ries, as no amount of spe­cific ab­dom­i­nal ex­er­cises can spot re­duce the belly fat that cov­ers up your mus­cles!

Pre­vi­ously, I have dis­cussed how you can ad­just your eat­ing in or­der to re­veal your ab­domen. Here I want to fo­cus on some of my favourite ex­er­cises that tar­get the over­all ab­domen and helps me build a strong core. I of­ten see peo­ple train­ing their core by do­ing thou­sands of crunches. Crunches are great, how­ever, they mainly work the up­per abs. In or­der to have a good func­tion­ing ab­domen, you need to build the abs prop­erly and work on all parts of your core.

Here is one of my rou­tines to fol­low, which tar­gets all ar­eas of your abs:

My rou­tine is com­posed of five ex­er­cises care­fully cho­sen to tar­get all the dif­fer­ent parts of my abs, ie up­per abs, lower abs and ex­ter­nal obliques. First I start with:

Lie flat on your back and have your feet el­e­vated on a bench.

You can place your hands on your chest or be­hind your neck.

Flex­ing your ab­domen, raise your shoul­ders and torso as far as pos­si­ble from the ground in a curl­ing move­ment.

Re­tain­ing tension on the abs, lower your shoul­ders to the be­gin­ning po­si­tion and avoid temp­ta­tion to rock back and forth and in­stead have a con­trolled move­ment.

Sit on the edge of a bench with your legs ex­tended in front of you and your hands hold­ing on to the sides for sup­port.

Keep­ing your knees to­gether, pull your knees in to­wards your chest un­til you can go no fur­ther.

Keep­ing the tension on your lower ab mus­cles, re­turn to the start po­si­tion and re­peat the move­ment un­til you have com­pleted your set.

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