This months sub­ject is Matt Cor­mack play­ing out of Re­muera Golf Club in Auck­land off a +1 hand­i­cap. Matt is a very ac­com­plished golfer in his own right hav­ing played at an ex­tremely high level in New Zealand and over­seas, and he presents with some re­ally

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Jac­ques Nortje looks at the swing of Rosie Ked­dell, Women's Black­sticks player and friend of She Loves Golf.

Equip­ment used in as­sist­ing with this swing analysis in­cluded a high speed Ca­sio video cam­era, K Vest 7.4 (3D golf swing analysis tech­nol­ogy), a Flight-Scope Xi Tour launch mon­i­tor, and Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.


Matt is just com­ing off left knee surgery (a full menis­cus tear re­pair pro­ce­dure) and as such he ex­pe­ri­ences a lit­tle left knee ten­der­ness post round. He does not have any other known phys­i­cal is­sues and has his­tor­i­cally bat­tled a high right shot with the driver which he se­verely dis­likes.


Matt's av­er­age club head speed is 90mph with a 6 iron and his shots flew an av­er­age of 161m. Matt de­liv­ers the club into the ball a lit­tle steeply and the club is also com­ing across the ball (trav­el­ling out­side to in) quite a bit. The ball flight is launch­ing a lit­tle low and not spin­ning much.


In setup Matt's arms are quite jammed to his chest as his shoul­ders are sit­ting quite for­ward. His left hand grip seems very strong which to­gether with his out­ward left el­bow po­si­tion is con­tribut­ing to the over­all for­ward ori­en­ta­tion of his

shoul­ders. This has pre-dis­posed him to loos­ing some width/ room at im­pact as the body does not have enough space to drive his arms and the club through the ball with­out sac­ri­fic­ing his tim­ing. His knee po­si­tions and gen­eral set of his bal­ance ap­pear to also have him a lit­tle on his left side. As he starts the swing we can see the arms led by the hands drag­ging across his body (gold line in pic­ture 1), and then lift­ing above the plane of his shoul­ders to the top of the swing. This is why at the top his hands ap­pear quite high and the club is slightly laid off. This causes the up­per body to lose its de­sired shape and as shown by the green line in pic­ture 2, his up­per spine is vir­tu­ally ori­en­tated to­ward the tar­get at the top of the swing. This is a con­cern for in­jury preven­tion due to the pres­sure this places on the spine un­der load. This has im­paired his abil­ity to cor­rectly shift into his right side on the back swing and be­cause of this he has lost the abil­ity to utilise the big mus­cles of his core to pro­duce more power. This is shown by the green line in pic­ture 1 which shows his up­per body start­ing the down­swing, and it ac­tu­ally ac­cel­er­ates faster than his lower body which is again a power loss. Matt is un­der ro­tated at the top mean­ing he has a fair bit of gen­eral tight­ness in and around his tho­racic spine and also his hips/pelvis. He has also some­what loaded on his left side which could be re­lated to his left knee is­sues or mean he has a weak left side. Mov­ing into im­pact we can see he loses height and has a 'rounded' shape of his spine. We can see his up­per body ac­tu­ally move back­wards which is a mech­a­nism to es­sen­tially re-con­nect his arms in front of his body to get back to the ball, mak­ing him lose width. Th­ese move­ments are mainly the re­sult of his back swing and re­sul­tant tran­si­tion move­ments. It does how­ever force his hands and arms to travel much faster (rel­a­tively speak­ing) through im­pact than his up­per and lower body. This is shown by his peak speed num­bers at the bot­tom of pic­ture 1 and is seen by his hands al­most flip­ping the club over af­ter im­pact. Over­all the club has been con­trolled by the hands and arms ver­sus the core (big mus­cles) which is a com­mon pat­tern for golfers who have is­sues with shots that fly left to right in the air. Matt's move­ments are very con­sis­tent and no­tice­able im­prove­ments could be made in straight­en­ing out his ball flight and adding a bit of yardage. Pos­tural aware­ness, a dis­cus­sion around swing con­cepts and move­ment pat­tern re-train­ing on his back swing to in­grain the right feels are where I would start the process, pro­vided Matt is pre­pared to do the work re­quired to im­prove.

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