Swing with Mo­men­tum

Do you some­times find it a chal­lenge to start your golf swing?

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Be­cause golf is one of few sports that our bod­ies start from a still po­si­tion it can be a chal­lenge at times to swing the club back smooth.

Imag­ine pick­ing up a bucket and swing­ing it back and through us­ing your arms and shoul­ders. Now imag­ine us­ing your hip turn as well when you swing the bucket and feel the dif­fer­ence.

When you rest your club on the ground prior to start­ing your swing your grip and arms are re­laxed. When you start your back­swing the mus­cles sud­denly have to start work­ing which can lead to a jerky and in­con­sis­tent move­ment dur­ing your takeaway. By do­ing this drill the mus­cles will al­ready be work­ing as you start your back swing which will help to pro­mote a free flow­ing move­ment.

This will help you to feel a nat­u­ral smoother start­ing back move­ment in­stead of be­ing stuck and too static from a tense po­si­tion.

Try this drill with your club.

03 03-04: Lift the club up above and a lit­tle for­ward of the ball to start the mo­men­tum back and through.

01 01-02: Set up as nor­mal



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