02-03: SET UP

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As sug­gested last month a big key to con­trol­ling the ball flight is through ad­just­ing the setup to match the in­tended tra­jec­tory. And of course be­fore set­ting up we need to have a clear im­age of our in­tended shot and de­sired out­come with then se­lect­ing the ap­pro­pri­ate club, e.g. 9 iron, pitch­ing wedge or 52 de­gree wedge to help cre­ate this shot?

Set up keys: • Hold down the grip and stand closer to the ball with the shaft more up­right than nor­mal. • Po­si­tion your feet nar­rower than nor­mal with them either aim­ing par­al­lel or slightly open to your tar­get line. • Ball po­si­tion cen­tre of

slightly be­hind cen­tre. • Bal­ance favour­ing your tar­get or front foot, e.g. 60 / 40 • Shaft lean­ing slightly for­ward. How­ever please know that this will hap­pen au­to­mat­i­cally due to the above men­tioned ball po­si­tion and bal­ance. Note also how my ster­num and hands are now slightly ahead of the ball in pic 2

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