Keep it sim­ple

In our quest to play bet­ter golf and hit bet­ter golf shots we tend to com­pli­cate things. No doubt you have heard the phrase 'paral­y­sis by anal­y­sis'.

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Try­ing to po­si­tion the club ex­actly the way Tiger does it seems like a great idea but might not be for you. If you are built dif­fer­ently and wired dif­fer­ently then it may hurt your game !

If you re­ally want to play bet­ter golf and shoot lower scores then try this: • Ac­cept your bad shots and move on. Don't dwell on them. Car­ry­ing neg­a­tive thoughts through to the next shot surely isn't go­ing to help. • Have one (and only one) swing thought or im­age as you play. This al­lows you to fo­cus and con­cen­trate but doesn't bog you down or over load you. • Vizualise the shot you want to hit be­fore you swing - don't just aim and hope. As you warm up for your round, use just a short iron. We tend to swing our short irons with bet­ter rhythm and con­trol. Ap­ply this rhythm to all your clubs as you play and you are guar­an­teed to hit the ball bet­ter - leav­ing you free to score great!

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