Right foot pulled back drill

This is a great Drill to elim­i­nate “over the top” and across the line ac­tion. It can help to elim­i­nate a slice.

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This sim­ple drill is also known as the “Closed Stance” drill. How­ever strictly speak­ing it is not re­ally a “closed” stance as the club is aimed as for a nor­mal shot and the up­per body is still cor­rectly aligned par­al­lel the target line. Use­ful for play­ers who have a ten­dency to ‘spin out' ie pivot faster than their arm swing (com­mon with young tal­ented play­ers) this is a great drill to im­prove Co­or­di­na­tion and bal­ance.


• Help to elim­i­nates overuse of your hips and your body ‘hang­ing back and tilt­ing un­der'. • Im­prove your foot­work

and bal­ance. I gave this drill to one of my regular stu­dents a year ago. He likes it so much he now plays all his rounds of golf this way and has re­duced his hand­i­cap from 19 to 8!

STEP 2 Pull your right foot back off the line to so that the toes of your right foot are in line with your left heel.

STEP 1 Take a nor­mal setup

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