Mar­cus Wheel­house gives some help with get­ting the speed of your putts just right.

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Here is a drill that I see a lot

HOW MANY TASKS DO YOU HAVE IN PUTTING? • Read­ing the greens for line • Read­ing the green for speed • Ex­e­cute the putt re­quired

of play­ers do­ing in prac­tice and in pre-round rou­tines. It is one I think many golfers could ben­e­fit from in­cor­po­rat­ing into their prac­tice regimes.

The great thing about this drill is the amount of vari­a­tion you can have and use the dif­fer­ent ar­eas at your prac­tice fa­cil­ity. I like get­ting dif­fer­ently slopped putt from all an­gles and try­ing read the green as you see the curved putt. So for the higher hand­i­cap­per or not so con­fi­dent put­ter, cre­ate a rel­a­tively straight putt as shown in the pic­ture. But when you find yourself hit­ting right to left and left to right putts with se­vere break your speed con­trol is tested at a higher level and this would suit the lower hand­i­cap golfer maybe look­ing at play­ing cham­pi­onships with fast greens and tricky pin place­ments.

Like all drills though it must be done con­sis­tently! If you think you're go­ing to gain speed con­trol in a few ses­sions then think again! But us­ing ways to build pres­sure into your prac­tice is vi­tal! ↑ 01: Take your put­ter and place the put­ter head in the hole as pic­tured. Place a tee in the ground be­hind your in­tended line and where the put­ter grip starts. Now walk back 5 big paces maybe 5m and place a tee. Then go back in one or two me­tre in­cre­ments and place tees so there are 3 sta­tions. You need at least 3 golf balls for this drill, I some­times do this drill with 5 balls.

↑ 02-03: With one ball placed at each tee from dif­fer­ent dis­tances I am just try­ing to roll the ball in the area be­hind the ball, it must go past the front edge of the hole and then rest short of the tee we have placed. I like to re­peat this from at least 4 dif­fer­ent breaks: up­hill and down­hill and both sides.




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