Align­ment is so im­por­tant but can be a prob­lem so Mitchell Price gives some tips.

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This drill is de­signed to help you

con­sis­tently set the put­ter face aligned to your in­tended tar­get and to help you get the ball rolling on­line.

Start by find­ing a straight putt on the prac­tice green. This can be done by rolling a num­ber of putts and watch­ing whether they curve to the left or to the right.

En­joy hol­ing more putts. STEP 1

Once you have found your straight putt, at­tach the end of the chalk line be­hind the cen­tre of the hole, per­haps us­ing a golf tee. Stretch the chalk line 8 to 10 feet down the line of your straight putt. Pull the line taught, press against the ground, and snap the line a cou­ple of times to mark a straight line on the green. STEP 2

This rep­re­sents a per­fectly straight line for a per­fectly straight putt di­rectly to the mid­dle of the hole. Start with a short putt of 3 or 4 feet, and place the ball on the chalk line. STEP 3

As you set the put­ter be­hind the ball, use the chalk line as a guide to en­sure that the club face is square. The line will also be help­ful as you align your body.

STEP 4&5

Stroke the putt by bring­ing the club straight back and straight through down the tar­get line. With each putt, step out of your pos­ture and set up once again from scratch. This will help you in­ter­nal­ize the setup and align­ment process.

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