Bob McDon­ald dis­cusses how to not get frus­trated when play­ing in windy con­di­tions.

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This month I am giv­ing you a few

sim­ple rules that will help you im­prove your game when you play in a wind.

If its Breezy, Swing it Easy. To keep the ball from “bal­loon­ing” up into the air in the wind, is you must SWING SOFTER to re­duce the amount of spin you put on it.

The harder you hit the ball the more spin you ap­ply there­fore the higher it goes.

Take more club. If only a light breeze, take one club larger. If wind stiff, take two clubs stronger. If wind is heavy, three clubs stronger and so on. Fi­nally - don't take risks. Know­ing when to cut your losses and back off can be a hard thing for golfers to learn. If you are play­ing in a strong wind don't be afraid of lay­ing up rather than be­ing ex­posed to the wind. If you get into trou­ble take your medicine and move on.

Use these tips the next time you play in the wind and you should find your bad shots are re­duced.


Get in closer to the ball and have your hands higher. Lean more pres­sure onto your front foot and have your left shoul­der lower than nor­mal. Your ster­num should be ‘on top of' the ball or a frac­tion ahead. Hands should be level with and ‘on top of' the ball.


My rule of thumb is in a strong wind I will hit a “Knock down” lit­tle 8iron or 7, in­stead of a full Wedge where there is no wind. I grip the 7 or 8 down to the length of a Wedge.




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