Jac­ques Nortje looks at the swing of direc­tor of Char­lie's Golf Tours, Peter Cox.

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Peter loves his golf play­ing many

cour­ses whilst trav­el­ling. His ball strik­ing is­sue is in­con­sis­tency of con­tact, with a big dif­fer­ence be­tween his good shots and not so good shots. Equip­ment used in as­sist­ing with this swing anal­y­sis in­clude the K Vest 3D 4 sen­sor sys­tem and FlightS­cope Xi Tour launch mon­i­tor. Peter is very deep into his knees in setup with his arms very close to­gether. His spin is curved and his left hand grip looks as if it needs to be more in his hands. His grip along with his arms mov­ing across his body com­pro­mises his up­per body and arms from turn­ing cor­rectly dur­ing his back­swing. After take­away his shoul­ders are very flat which is why his left shoul­der looks like it is turn­ing into his chin. This up­per body turn on the back­swing means that from the top, his club and hands are flung out from his body caus­ing the club to move from out to in at im­pact. The re­sults are con­tact and di­rec­tion is­sues to the right giv­ing him in­con­sis­tent shot out­comes. We can see in the 3D an­i­ma­tion pic­tures of his swing (in setup and at the top of back swing), that there is over ro­ta­tion of his legs and loss of his up­per body pos­ture. This move­ment means his body has not been well loaded and as a re­sult he has lost the abil­ity to use his big mus­cles to con­trol his turn. This means he re­lies im­mensely on his hands and arms to con­trol how he con­tacts the ball, lead­ing to in­con­sis­tency of con­tact.

For Peter to de­velop a more ef­fi­cient swing, an in­di­vid­u­alised pro­gramme made up of a num­ber of ses­sions would in­clude • Ed­u­ca­tion of the cor­rect con­cepts re­gard­ing how his body needs to be po­si­tioned in setup • Im­proved left hand grip place­ment more in the fin­gers with less arm ten­sion • Us­ing the K Vest 3D sys­tem, biofeed­back (move­ment) train­ing on get­ting him a "feel" of how the up­per body needs to work on the back swing so as to bet­ter con­trol his arm po­si­tions The above will be a great start in giv­ing Peter an im­proved sense of "feel" of the cor­rect back swing move­ment so as to im­prove the con­sis­tency and qual­ity of his con­tact. If you would like to see how your body's move­ment and phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions ef­fect your swing then sim­ply con­tact me and men­tion this ar­ti­cle for a spe­cial of­fer on a 'Body for Golf" coach­ing pro­gramme. This pro­gramme will pro­vide you with a com­pre­hen­sive un­der­stand­ing of the 'cause and ef­fect' re­la­tion­ships of your shot out­comes, and a path­way go­ing for­ward on how to cre­ate a more ef­fi­cient and in­jury free swing, by quan­ti­fy­ing your swing in 3D.













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