Leave it Low

Are you giv­ing your­self a chance of hol­ing more putts?

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Or sim­ply putting 'poorly' due to leav­ing the ball in 'hard to make' po­si­tions?

It's sug­gested that we have a greater chance of sink­ing a 20 foot straight up­hill putt com­pared to a 6 foot side hill putt?

Of course whether this is true or not is up for de­bate and de­ter­mined case by case. How­ever it does ham­mer home the im­por­tance of en­sur­ing that you give your­self the great­est chance of mak­ing more putts or per­haps more up and downs through leav­ing your­self the sim­plest putt of all, i.e. a short straight up­hill putt.

So when­ever you find your­self in the sit­u­a­tion as shown in pic 1, where you're chip­ping up­hill to a pin po­si­tion, it pays to have a plan of "if i don't hole my chip shot, then where do I want to leave the ball?".

Per­son­ally I like to pic­ture a cir­cle or hula hoop sur­round­ing the hole and be­ing very aware of where the eas­i­est 1 putt po­si­tion(s) to leave my ball is?

Given this sit­u­a­tion my hoop would be just past the hole, i.e. not much more than a 20 - 30 cen­time­tres past. With the bulk of the hoop be­ing be­low the hole, so if I miss my chip shot, then I'd be leav­ing my­self a nice up­hill putt to fin­ish off the hole.

02↑ 01-02: Chip­ping it past the hole may seem very pos­i­tive at first. How­ever leav­ing your­self a short and of­ten slip­pery down­hill putt can get the heart rate up and put your­self un­der much more pres­sure than you may have in­tended!


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