Keep it sim­ple

All too of­ten play­ers get tied up with tech­ni­cal the­ory when work­ing on their swing.

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If you have a load of swing thoughts won­der­ing around your head then you are un­likely to make a fluid, pow­er­ful swing. I like play­ers to have a sim­ple pic­ture in their mind of what they need to achieve tech­ni­cally. A ‘road map' so to speak. Here is a great drill that will help you with the shape of your swing and im­prove your rhythm.

I rec­om­mend that you start do­ing this with­out a golf ball. Place a tee on the ground and see if you can clip it. Work on this mo­tion at home and you will be well on your way to de­vel­op­ing a sim­ple, dy­namic and repet­i­tive swing. Try this on the prac­tice range. You will start to de­velop a sense of ef­fort­less power!

↑ 03: Now start down. If you let mo­men­tum be your friend then the shaft will come down on a shal­lower plane - just what all great play­ers do! 03

↑ 02: With a nice re­laxed right arm, swing the club so that you feel it swings over your right shoul­der. Be sure to let your right el­bow set (bend a lit­tle) 90 de­grees. By hold­ing the club lightly you will re­ally sense the weight of the club­head. 02

↑ 01: Take your nor­mal set up with a 9 iron. Take your left hand off the club and put it be­hind your back or in your pocket. 01

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