One of the joys of coach­ing at one of this coun­try's top golf cour­ses, the Para­pa­raumu Beach Golf Club, is the many won­der­ful and test­ing bunkers dot­ted around this mag­i­cal course.

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Bunkers are daunt­ing for many play­ers, Kevin Smith gives some tips to help.

And of course there are many such

as this one I'm pic­tured in where they are nice and deep with a steep bank to have to get the ball up and over. Which not ev­ery­one finds easy of course.

↑ 01: One of the first keys to play­ing suc­cess­fully out of a deep bunker is to have the right equip­ment. And for me this is us­ing the most lofted club in the bag my 58 de­gree lob wedge.

→ 02: SET UP Now that you have the right club in hand, we want to then es­tab­lish the fol­low­ing set up keys. All de­signed to pop the ball up nice and high. • Ball po­si­tion slightly

for­ward of cen­tre. • An open club face

and stance. • Feet buried nice and deeply into the sand pro­vid­ing a nice solid base. • A wide stance with the knees also out wide as demon­strated. • Pos­tu­rally we want to cre­ate a nice low cen­tre of grav­ity, so sit­ting down low as can be seen in pic 2 with also low­er­ing or flat­ten­ing the lie an­gle of the club will help lower the cen­tre grav­ity as well as in­crease the clubs loft.

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