Jac­ques Nortje ex­plains launch mon­i­tors.

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Through in­for­ma­tion gained via

mod­ern anal­y­sis tools it be­comes pos­si­ble to de­ter­mine pre­cisely where skill im­prove­ments can be made. This month we look at launch mon­i­tors and how they can be used to as­sist you in im­prov­ing your ball strik­ing per­for­mance.


A launch mon­i­tor is a por­ta­ble unit which mea­sures and tracks the en­tire flight of the ball and the de­liv­ery of the club at im­pact. It is a tool used by coaches and club fit­ters to bet­ter un­der­stand and

quan­tify the sci­ence of ball flight. I use FlightS­cope which uses 3D Dop­pler Radar with the patented phased ar­ray track­ing tech­nol­ogy be­ing the most ad­vanced in the in­dus­try to­day. The golf swing and re­sul­tant ball flight are 3 di­men­sional move­ments, so it is vi­tal that we as­sess it with 3 di­men­sional anal­y­sis tools.


The unit is placed be­hind the golfer as they hit shots. It is con­nected to a PC or wire­less de­vice where all of your shot data and mea­sured pa­ram­e­ters are stored. Af­ter a very quick cal­i­bra­tion process of less than a minute the golfer can be­gin hit­ting shots with all in­for­ma­tion be­ing cap­tured vir­tu­ally in­stan­ta­neously. Ball flight data mea­sured in­cludes flight time, ball speed, apex height, spin rate, carry/to­tal/ roll dis­tance and more. Club pa­ram­e­ters mea­sured in­clude club head speed, club face an­gle, club path, swing plane (ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal), an­gle of attack and more. It can be used in­doors or out­doors and is world renowned for its ac­cu­racy and pre­ci­sion.


This tech­nol­ogy has many ad­van­tages to golfers want­ing to im­prove their game in­clud­ing but not lim­ited too • Gain­ing a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of the cause and ef­fect re­la­tion­ships of your own swing; know­ing why you hit the ball how you hit it is very lib­er­at­ing! • Prac­tice games. The sys­tem soft­ware has all kinds of op­tions avail­able to make prac­tice more fun and ran­domised for play­ers of all lev­els • In­te­gra­tion with other game im­prove­ment tech­nol­ogy. FlightS­cope in­te­grates fully with the BodiTrak pres­sure mat and Fo­cus Band sys­tems • Skills test­ing. You can as­sess your abil­ity to hit cer­tain shot shapes, con­trol your shot dis­tances and essen­tially iden­tify your strengths and weak­nesses • Make bet­ter on course de­ci­sions. Un­der­stand­ing your ball flight ten­den­cies should help you on the course in se­lect­ing more ap­pro­pri­ate tar­gets off tees and into greens • Per­for­mance bench­mark­ing/ track­ing. You can be tracked over time to gauge your im­prove­ment or you can com­pare your­self with

the world's best elite play­ers • Club fit­ting. Hav­ing a cus­tom fit­ted set of clubs is a non­nego­tiable nowa­days for se­ri­ous golfers and this tool can val­i­date fit­ting op­tions and choices • Know­ing your yardages. By iden­ti­fy­ing how far you can hit each club on av­er­age you are giv­ing your­self a re­al­is­tic chance to best con­trol dis­tance


Launch mon­i­tors are now a widely used and ac­cepted game im­prove­ment tool. It is vi­tal that you work with a suit­ably ac­cred­ited coach who has ex­pe­ri­ence us­ing one. It is a re­fined skill to be able to cor­rectly in­ter­pret and ap­ply the rel­e­vant data ver­sus ‘chas­ing num­bers'.

If you are in­ter­ested in how this can help you, then please email me for a reader only spe­cial of­fer.

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