Mar­cus Wheel­house talks about golfers play­ing short on ap­proach of the green.

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Look­ing at the key trends of

putting and un­der­stand­ing the never-end­ing op­tions you have as a golfer when you putt can be over­whelm­ing. This month I want to talk about the tempo of your stroke when you're putting.

For most peo­ple there are so many thoughts com­ing in and out of your brain when you hit a putt. Out­come thoughts of what this putt means; don't miss this one for par, you have been short all day, don't leave it short, don't miss it. All these thoughts hit us at some point.

The choice is yours as to what you think about when you putt. Let's talk about tempo! How do you ex­plain this? Tempo ba­si­cally means the time or speed it takes an event to hap­pen.

Yes, there are other con­tribut­ing fac­tors to putt such as the line and strike of a putt, but the speed ul­ti­mately dic­tates the line as well.

The tempo is even more im­por­tant be­cause this can cause all sorts of anom­alies if the tempo is not cor­rect. Track­man have been re­search­ing data from the best play­ers on the ma­jor tours around the world, both men and women, and have come back with some com­mon themes.

The data they have re­viewed shows that if you have a quick di­rec­tional change i.e. backswing to down­swing, there is a higher prob­a­bil­ity that ex­ces­sive face ro­ta­tion will oc­cur. This also can cause an off-cen­ter hit.

This will re­sult in both an un­pre­dictable face align­ment and strike at im­pact. Two ma­jors in my books!

The un­der­stand­ing of stroke me­chan­ics in putting is very com­plex when It comes to the in­di­vid­ual be­cause of the end­less vari­a­tion of styles. If I was to iso­late one thought that could make the most dif­fer­ence it would be TEMPO!

01 01: The player needs their put­ter and a coin. Prefer­ably a 20 or 50 cent or 1 dol­lar piece. There are many dif­fer­ent types of put­ters but most put­ters nowa­days are heel and toe bal­anced and there­fore have a back to them. If you have a blade put­ter...

02 02: I would start with about a 2m putt and get the feel of this drill. You may feel quite a dif­fer­ence in the prac­tice stroke and then pro­gress­ing into a nor­mal putt. Like most drills, you might not get it straight away but the feel­ing will come...

03 03-05: So what should hap­pen. If your tempo is good and your ac­cel­er­a­tion is cor­rect the coin should fall off as near to im­pact as pos­si­ble.

06-08: If the coin is fall­ing off at the start of the down­swing then your tran­si­tion is to quick and the tempo will be out in your stroke.





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