Our in-depth anal­y­sis of the New Zealand light com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle mar­ket in April and the first four months of 2017.

NEW ZEALAND’S NEW VE­HI­CLE MAR­KET CON­TIN­UES to grow at a ro­bust rate that shows no signs of slow­ing, says David Craw­ford, the chief ex­ec­u­tive of the Mo­tor In­dus­try As­so­ci­a­tion (MIA) which rep­re­sents ve­hi­cle dis­trib­u­tors.

He says the new ve­hi­cle sec­tor con­tin­ues to per­form above ex­pec­ta­tions, and the growth could have been “even greater if it were not for sup­ply con­straints faced by some dis­trib­u­tors.”

Craw­ford says that in the first four months of 2017, the new ve­hi­cle sec­tor was 13 per­cent (5804 units) ahead of the same time last year with 50,059 ve­hi­cles reg­is­tered com­pared to 44,210 to the end of April 2016.

Toy­ota led the com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle sec­tor in April with a 22 per­cent share and 810 sales, fol­lowed by Ford with 21 per­cent (768 units) and Holden a dis­tant third with nine per­cent mar­ket share and 322 regis­tra­tions.

All of Holden’s sales were utes – the Colorado and the Com­modore – while the two lead­ing brands’ were a mix of utes and vans.

Ford’s Ranger ute topped the LCV sales chart in April with 698 regis­tra­tions, fol­lowed by the Toy­ota Hilux in sec­ond with 571 units and the Holden Colorado with 312 sales.

Year to date to April 30, the three top-sell­ing mod­els in the over­all mar­ket were the Ranger with 2912 units fol­lowed by the Hilux with 2289 and the Toy­ota Corolla small sa­loon car with 1546 units.

Though pas­sen­ger car and SUV regis­tra­tions of 6996 were by three (207 units) over April 2016, com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions for this April were 15.5 per­cent and 489 regis­tra­tions over the same month last year.

There were 3639 com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions, the strong­est April sales month on record.

In the over­all April mar­ket, Toy­ota re­mained on top with a 17 per­cent share and 1771 regis­tra­tions.

Ford was sec­ond with 12 per­cent (1267 sales) and Holden came in third with an eight per­cent mar­ket share and 865 units.

Toy­ota was also the mar­ket leader for pas­sen­ger and SUV regis­tra­tions with 14 per­cent mar­ket share (961 units) fol­lowed by Mazda with 10 per­cent (710 regis­tra­tions) and Hyundai on eight per­cent with 562 sales.

The top sell­ing pas­sen­ger and SUV mod­els for the month were the Mazda CX-5 (264 units) fol­lowed by the Kia Sportage (250) and the Toy­ota RAV4 (237).

In April the top five ve­hi­cle seg­ments were dom­i­nated by SUVS and utes (pick-up/cab-chas­sis).

The SUV medium seg­ment was the most dom­i­nant with 16 per­cent share (1743 units) fol­lowed by pick-up/cab-chas­sis 4x4 with 15 per­cent and 1560 regis­tra­tions, the SUV large with 12 per­cent (1251 units), the SUV com­pact with 12 per­cent (1247 sales. Then came the pick-up/chas­sis -cab 4x2 on 10 per­cent (1112 regis­tra­tions).

“Monthly regis­tra­tions of 10,635 ve­hi­cles were the strong­est month of April on record, and only the sec­ond time since the MIA be­gan col­lect­ing data that (the month) has sur­passed 10,000 units,” said Craw­ford. “The other time was way back in 1982.” New ve­hi­cle sales had also ex­ceede ex­pec­ta­tions in March. “(To March 31) the new ve­hi­cle sec­tor is 15 per­cent (5161

| units) ahead of this time last year with 39,477 ve­hi­cles reg­is­tered com­pared to 34,316 ve­hi­cles to the end of March 2016,” Craw­ford said.

“Monthly regis­tra­tions of 13,869 ve­hi­cles (were) also the strong­est month of March on record, up 14.5 per­cent (1759 units) on March 2016.”

Com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions, of 4639 units; were 18.4 per­cent (720 ve­hi­cles) higher than in March 2016.

Pas­sen­ger car and SUV regis­tra­tions of 9230 units were up 12.7 per­cent (1039 units) on the pre­vi­ous March.

“Not only was it the first time since the MIA be­gan col­lat­ing com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle reg­is­tra­tion data in 1981, that regis­tra­tions of com­mer­cial ve­hi­cles broke through the 4000 mark in the month of March, it was also the sin­gle largest month of all time,” Craw­ford added.

Toy­ota re­mained the over­all mar­ket leader with a 17 per­cent share (2316 sales), fol­lowed by Ford with 11 per­cent (1522 units) and Holden with eight per­cent and 1104 sales.

Toy­ota led pas­sen­ger and SUV regis­tra­tions with 13 per­cent mar­ket share (1213 units) fol­lowed by Mazda with 10 per­cent (905 sales) and Suzuki with eight per­cent (734 regis­tra­tions).

Toy­ota also led the com­mer­cial sec­tor with 24 per­cent (1103 units) fol­lowed by Ford with 19 per­cent (879 units) and Holden with eight per­cent mar­ket share (393 units).

The Ford Ranger ute was the month’s over­all best­selling ve­hi­cle with 810 sales; it also led the ute and LCV sec­tors.

The Toy­ota Hilux ute was sec­ond with 740 units and the Toy­ota Corolla small sa­loon third with 396 units.

The Toy­ota Hi­ace van was the top sell­ing rental model for the month of March with 54 units.

SUVS made up 40 per­cent of new ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions in the first quar­ter of 2017. |

Top left: Holden Colorado has set­tled into a solid third place in the LCV mar­ket.Bot­tom left: Ford’s Ranger con­tin­ues to be NZ’S best-sell­ing LCV and the coun­try’s top new ve­hi­cle over­all.Top right: Toy­ota Hi­ace was NZ’S top-sell­ing rental model dur­ing March.Bot­tom right: Mazda CX5 is set­ting the pace in its sec­tor of the SUV mar­ket/

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