Our in-depth anal­y­sis of the New Zealand light com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle mar­ket in June and the first six months of 2017.

NEW VE­HI­CLE SALES IN NEW ZEALAND HIT AN ALL­time record level in June with 15,985 reg­is­tered dur­ing the month. And June saw the strong­est sales of new com­mer­cial ve­hi­cles since the Mo­tor In­dus­try As­so­ci­a­tion (MIA) be­gan col­lect­ing sales data more than 40 years ago. Com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle sales were more than 28 per­cent up on June 2016.

David Craw­ford, the chief ex­ec­u­tive of the MIA, which rep­re­sents new ve­hi­cle dis­trib­u­tors, says that over­all June sales set a new record for any month of the year.

The pre­vi­ous strong­est month was Oc­to­ber 2016 when 14,709 new ve­hi­cles were reg­is­tered.

Ford’s Ranger ute was the over­all best-sell­ing ve­hi­cle this June, out­strip­ping all pas­sen­ger cars and SUVS.

Ford sold 1178 Rangers, fol­lowed by the Toy­ota Hilux with 964 units, and the Holden Colorado with 650.

Year to date the top three sell­ing mod­els are the Ranger with 4976 units fol­lowed by the Toy­ota Hilux with 4065 regis­tra­tions and the Holden Colorado with 2384 sales.

In June, four of the top five ve­hi­cle seg­ments were dom­i­nated by SUVS and utes (pick up/cab-chas­sis).

The 4x4 ute sub-seg­ment was the most dom­i­nant with an 18 per­cent share and 2807 regis­tra­tions.

Next was the SUV medium seg­ment on 15 per­cent and 2356 sales, then large SUVS with 14 per­cent and 2178 units reg­is­tered.

Two-wheel drive utes were the fourth strong­est sell­ers with 10 per­cent and 1652 sales. In fifth spot were small cars with nine per­cent and 1454 regis­tra­tions.

Toy­ota was the over­all mar­ket leader in June with a 21 per­cent share of the action and 3310 sales. Ford was sec­ond with 11 per­cent (1689 units) and Holden third with an eight per­cent share and 1352 regis­tra­tions.

June’s 5804 com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions were a sig­nif­i­cant 28.6 per­cent – 1291 units – ahead of the same month of 2016; year to date they were 22.7 per­cent (4858 regis­tra­tions) up on last year.

Craw­ford says It was not only the strong­est June on record for new com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions, but the strong­est month ever since the MIA be­gan record­ing ve­hi­cle sales statis­tics in 1975.

Toy­ota led the sec­tor with a 22 per­cent mar­ket share (1299 units) fol­lowed by Ford with 21 per­cent (1230 sales) and Holden a dis­tant third with 11 per­cent and 666 regis­tra­tions.

Pas­sen­ger car and SUV regis­tra­tions of 10,181 units were up 10.8 per­cent (995 units) on June 2016.

Toy­ota led the pas­sen­ger and SUV seg­ments with 2011 sales and a 20 per­cent mar­ket share. Mazda was sec­ond on nine per­cent and 940 sales, fol­lowed by Hyundai with eight per­cent mar­ket share and 829 sales.

The top sell­ing pas­sen­ger and SUV mod­els were all Toy­otas, the Corolla small sedan (508 units) fol­lowed by the High­lander large SUV (451 sales) and the RAV4 com­pact SUV (412 regis­tra­tions).

Year-to-date to June 30, the new ve­hi­cle sec­tor was 14.6 per­cent (10,095 sales) ahead of the same pe­riod of last year with 79,131 ve­hi­cles reg­is­tered com­pared to 69,134 to the end of June 2016.

Com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle sales had also been at record lev­els in May, and the MIA said over­all new ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions of 13,132 con­firmed that “the growth seen so far this year is sus­tain­able and shows ev­ery sign of con­tin­u­ing.”

There were 4745 com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions in May, a mas­sive 29 per­cent (1067 units) in­crease on the same month in 2016.

Toy­ota led the com­mer­cial sec­tor with 1125 sales to take 24 per­cent of the mar­ket. Ford was next, on 20 per­cent and 971 sales, with Mit­subishi third on 11 per­cent and 501 regis­tra­tions.

The Ranger was the month’s best-seller with 889 sales, fol­lowed

closely by the Hilux with 819 regis­tra­tions, and the Mit­subishi Tri­ton on 501.

Pas­sen­ger car and SUV regis­tra­tions of 8387 were 11.8 per­cent (885 units) up on May 2016.

Toy­ota led pas­sen­ger and SUV regis­tra­tions with 15 per­cent mar­ket share (1245 units) fol­lowed by Mazda with 11 per­cent and 886 sales, and Holden with eight per­cent mar­ket (681 units).

The top-sell­ing pas­sen­ger mod­els for the month were all SUVS – the Toy­ota RAV4 (391 units), the Mazda CX-5 (330) and the Kia Sportage (302).

In May, SUVS and utes (pick-ups/cab-chas­sis) had also dom­i­nated four of the top five ve­hi­cle seg­ments.

Medium SUVS were on top of the pile with an 18 per­cent mar­ket share (2305 sales), fol­lowed by 4x4 utes on 16 per­cent and 2112 regis­tra­tions.

Large SUVS were next up with 12 per­cent (1568 units), fol­lowed by two-wheel drive utes on 10 per­cent (1347 sales), and small cars on nine per­cent with 1244 regis­tra­tions.

Fig­ures used in this story are dis­trib­u­tor re­ported sales; in some in­stances, they dif­fer slightly from the NZ Trans­port Agency reg­is­tra­tion fig­ures, an­a­lysed by Robin Yates, and used in other stories within the Com­mer­cial Mar­ket sec­tion of this mag­a­zine. Fac­ing page : Ford Ranger out­ran all of its ute ri­vals and all cars and SUVS to be NZ’S top-sell­ing new ve­hi­cle in June

Be­low left: Holden Trail­blazer uses Colorado driv­e­train in seven-seater SUV body.

Be­low cen­tre: Toy­ota Hilux was sec­ond best-sell­ing ve­hi­cle over­all be­hind the Ranger.

Be­low right: SUVS ac­count for well over 30 per­cent of the New Zealand new ve­hi­cle mar­ket. Mazda’s CX-5R (pic­tured) is a ma­jor player.

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