Fuso by a nose in close June bat­tle


FUSO AND ISUZU FOUGHT TOOTH-AND-NAIL FOR supremacy in the New Zealand light-duty truck mar­ket in June, with just two reg­is­tra­tions sep­a­rat­ing them when fi­nal re­sults came in.

Fuso’s Can­ter won the bat­tle with 51 sales, scrap­ing in ahead of the Isuzu N-se­ries which found 49 buy­ers.

Both mod­els sold more than twice the num­ber of the third­placed brand, Hino which re­tailed 19 light-duty 300 se­ries mod­els.

Hyundai’s new-to-the-mar­ket Mighty EX6 slot­ted into fourth with six sales.

Only three other light-duty trucxks were reg­is­tered in June: two were light ver­sions of Fuso’s mid-sized Fighter and the other was a Chi­nese-built Jac, a brand which has all but left the mar­ket.

Pre­sum­ably the Jac had been lan­guish­ing un­sold on a dealer’s yard fol­low­ing the brand’s de­par­ture from the NZ mar­ket.

Year-to-date to June 30, the Can­ter was well ahead of the N-se­ries with cu­mu­la­tive sales of 294 to the Isuzu’s 213.

The Hino 300 was third with 117 reg­is­tra­tions fol­lowed by the Mighty (eight sales), the dis­con­tin­ued Hyundai HD75 (six), the Fighter (four), and the Jac and Fo­ton Au­mark on one each.

Year-to-date sta­tis­tics for the first half of last year showed the Isuzu N-se­ries firmly in com­mand with 256 reg­is­tra­tions.

The sec­ond-placed Fuso Can­ter sat on 108, with the Hino 300 third with 103 sales. Fo­ton was in fourth place with 20 Au­marks sold to June 30, 2016, fol­lowed by the Hyundai HD75 on 15, and the same brand’s HD60 with six reg­is­tra­tions.

Over­all, in the first six months of this year, the light-duty truck mar­ket was well ahead of the same pe­riod of 2016. By this June 30, New Zealan­ders had bought 644 trucks com­pare to 508 in the first half of last year.

The Can­ter has been the big achiever this year, in­creas­ing its first half sales by 186.

It had ab­so­lutely dom­i­nated the light-duty truck mar­ket in May. NZ Trans­port Agency (NZTA) reg­is­tra­tion fig­ures showed Fuso New Zealand sold 87 dur­ing the month to out­run the Isuzu N-se­ries by 56 reg­is­tra­tions.

In third place, eight sales be­hind the N-se­ries’ 31 reg­is­tra­tions, was the Hino 300 with 23 sales. The only other light-duty truck to regis­ter sales in May was the Hyundai Mighty with two reg­is­tra­tions.

The Can­ter’s May re­sult was in stark con­trast to the same month of 2016 when it recorded 26 sales; Isuzu sold 47 N-se­ries in May last year.

The Can­ter’s new distributor, Fuso NZ, has turned around the model with sharp price of­fers and ag­gres­sive mar­ket­ing to wrest the seg­ment sales lead away from the Isuzu which none­the­less fought back strongly in June.

Clock­wise: Fuso won the light-duty truck bat­tle by just two sales in June. This is Can­ter fac­tory-built tip­per. • Isuzu N-se­ries took the fight to the Can­ter in June. • This truck is fit­ted with a small crane and is used by bee-keep­ers. • Flat deck...

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