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FORD’S RANGER UTE WAS NEW ZEALAND’S BEST-SELL­ING NEW ve­hi­cle in 2017, lead­ing a mar­ket that set a new record of 159,871 regis­tra­tions.

The Ford truck was the best-sell­ing over­all ve­hi­cle for the sec­ond year run­ning, log­ging 9420 regis­tra­tions, more than a 1000 more than the 8501 it recorded in 2016.

Re­flect­ing New Zealan­ders’ love af­fair with utes, the Toy­ota Hilux was the sec­ond big­gest-sell­ing new ve­hi­cle last year; Toy­ota re­tailed 8106, a sig­nif­i­cant rise on the truck’s 2016 show­ing of 6198 regis­tra­tions.

The third best-seller was a car, Toy­ota’s Corolla, with 7797 sales, a to­tal boosted by sig­nif­i­cant sales to rental car com­pa­nies.

David Craw­ford, the chief ex­ec­u­tive of the Mo­tor In­dus­try As­so­ci­a­tion (MIA) which rep­re­sents new ve­hi­cle dis­trib­u­tors, says mem­bers be­lieve cur­rent ac­tiv­ity lev­els will con­tinue, but they don’t ex­pect to see sales grow in the way they did in 2017.

He says that in De­cem­ber – the most re­cent month for which sales fig­ures were avail­able when LCV Mag­a­zine went to press – regis­tra­tions were 9.6 per­cent (980 units) up on the same month of 2016.

“A con­tin­ued ro­bust tourism sec­tor, which in turn drove healthy sales of rental ve­hi­cles, helped to make…de­cem­ber the strong­est on record with 11,570 new ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions.”

That took the 2017 cal­en­dar year to an all-time record for the fourth year run­ning. Regis­tra­tions were nine per­cent (13,118 ve­hi­cles) above 2061’s.

Com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle sales rose by 16.2 per­cent – 7173 regis­tra­tions up on 2016; and pas­sen­ger and SUV sales for 2017 were up by 5945 units and 5.8 per­cent.

Toy­ota led the over­all mar­ket in De­cem­ber with 2992 sales and a 26 per­cent share of the cake.

That share was more than two-and-a-half times higher than sec­ond­placed Holden which was on 10 per­cent (1142 units); Mit­subishi was third with eight per­cent and 947 sales.

Toy­ota was also ahead in pas­sen­ger and SUV regis­tra­tions with a mas­sive 29 per­cent mar­ket share from 2397 sales, fol­lowed by Holden with eight per­cent (669 units) and Mit­subishi, also with an eight per­cent share from 662 regis­tra­tions.

The top sell­ing pas­sen­ger and SUV mod­els in De­cem­ber were the Toy­ota Corolla (1116 sales of which 1011 were rentals); the Toy­ota RAV4 (516 units of which 309 were rentals) and the Mit­subishi ASX (287 regis­tra­tions).

Ford led the com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle mar­ket with a 19 per­cent share and 657 sales, from Toy­ota with 17 per­cent and 595 regis­tra­tions. Holden

was third with 14 per­cent of the mar­ket, achieved by 473 sales.

The Ranger was De­cem­ber’s best-sell­ing com­mer­cial model with 17 per­cent mar­ket share and 597 sales.

The Hilux was sec­ond with 442 regis­tra­tions and 13 per­cent mar­ket share (442 units) closely fol­lowed by the Holden Colorado – also with 13 per­cent but from 439 sales.

Craw­ford says Novem­ber had also been a record month, with 14,594 new ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions.

Novem­ber sales took the year-to-date tally past the to­tal achieved in the full year in 2016.

By the end of Novem­ber, 148,335 new ve­hi­cle had been reg­is­tered, ex­ceed­ing the 2016 full year to­tal of 146,753 ve­hi­cles by 1582.

Toy­ota led the over­all mar­ket with a 22 per­cent share from 3227 sales, fol­lowed by Ford with 11 per­cent (1546 units) and Holden (10 per­cent and 1489 regis­tra­tions.

Toy­ota led pas­sen­ger and SUV regis­tra­tions with 23 per­cent mar­ket share and 2358 regis­tra­tions, fol­lowed by Holden with 11 per­cent (1149 units) and Mazda with nine per­cent and 904 sales. The Toy­ota Corolla was the seg­ment’s top-seller with 814 units, fol­lowed by the Toy­ota RAV4 (645); the High­lander com­pleted a Toy­ota clean sweep of the podium with 445 sales.

Ford led the com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle sec­tor in Novem­ber, with 943 regis­tra­tions and 22 per­cent of the ac­tion.

Toy­ota was next with 20 per­cent and 869 sales, fol­lowed in a dis­tant third by Holden with eight per­cent mar­ket share and 340 regis­tra­tions.

The Ford Ranger was the best-sell­ing com­mer­cial model with 20 per­cent share (874 units) fol­lowed by the Toy­ota Hilux with 14 per­cent and 620 sales.

Craw­ford says ve­hi­cle seg­men­ta­tion in 2017 re­flected the chang­ing pat­terns of new ve­hi­cle regis­tra­tions with SUVS and light com­mer­i­cals dom­i­nat­ing the mar­ket.

Only the small ve­hi­cle seg­ment broke into the top five spots with a 12 per­cent share. The top two seg­ments were medium SUVS with 17 per­cent share (26,515 units) fol­lowed by the Pick Up/chas­sis Cab 4x4 seg­ment with 14 per­cent (22,175 sales). Large and com­pact SUVS rounded out the top five spots with 11 per­cent of the mar­ket each.

In the lux­ury pas­sen­ger and SUV sec­tor, Mer­cedes-benz re­tained the 2017 mar­ket leader spot with 2540 regis­tra­tions, fol­lowed by Audi with 2060, and BMW with 1954.

Above: Ford’s Ranger out­paced all cars and SUVS in the NZ car mar­ket last year to be best-sell­ing ve­hi­cle over­all. Be­low left: Em­pha­sis­ing the im­por­tance of utes, the Toy­ota Hilux was sec­ond best-sell­ing new ve­hi­cle over­all. Be­low right: Mit­subishi’s pop­u­lar ASX com­pact wagon was sec­ond best-sell­ing SUV last De­cem­ber.

Strong sales to rental car com­pa­nies helped Toy­ota’s RAV4 to be best-sell­ing SUV in De­cem­ber 2017.

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