The time has come…as the Wal­rus said

New Zealand LCV - - FROM THE EDITORIAL DESK - – Mike Stock, Ed­i­tor.

THIS IS THE LAST EDI­TION OF NZ LCV Mag­a­zine that I will pre­side over as Ed­i­tor; the time has come to move on into semi-re­tire­ment.

Over the past four or so years, I have over­seen the trans­for­ma­tion of the edi­to­rial con­tent of this mag­a­zine.

It has mor­phed from Cargo, a true trade mag­a­zine, into first NZ Light Com­mer­cial Ve­hi­cle Mag­a­zine in 2014, and then the ab­bre­vi­ated LCV Mag­a­zine mast­head from 2017.

I have taken the con­tent more to­wards a tra­di­tional car mag­a­zine, ap­ply­ing al­ways the maxim that if it doesn’t in­ter­est me, how’s it go­ing to in­ter­est and en­gage the reader?

If the sub­ject doesn’t in­ter­est you, as Ed­i­tor, the reader will soon pick up on that lack of in­ter­est. It shows in the writ­ing, the con­tent; if there’s no pas­sion, there’s no fire, no in­ter­est.

You might as well read a bus timetable – but who prints bus timeta­bles in this day of Google searches, Apps and smart­phones?

Over the past four years, it’s been a plea­sure and a priv­i­lege to bring this mag­a­zine to you and to chron­i­cle the light com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle scene, and es­pe­cially the ute’s meta­mor­pho­sis.

The ute has moved from hum­ble, roug­hand-ready work­horse to a so­phis­ti­cated ve­hi­cle able to do a hard day’s graft and dou­ble as comfortable fam­ily trans­port.

At heart, I’m a re­porter, and the ute’s trans­for­ma­tion has given me the raw ma­te­rial to do what I do best – re­port­ing.

I’ve been edit­ing weekly news­pa­pers and weekly, fort­nightly and monthly magazines since 1979, 12 years af­ter I started as a cadet re­porter at the late and much-lamented Auck­land Star, the great­est-ever NZ daily news­pa­per, our equiv­a­lent of The Washington Post.

The Star’s se­nior staffers ham­mered into a re­bel­lious 17-year-old me the virtues of true jour­nal­ism.

Fair­ness, ac­cu­racy, de­cency and above all the fear of get­ting it wrong or miss­ing THE STORY, was the ap­proach they taught.

And I hope that the val­ues I learned there have helped me to bring our read­ers a lively, vi­tal and well-writ­ten LCV Mag­a­zine, 50-odd years af­ter I set out on my voy­age in the news busi­ness. Mov­ing on is al­ways bit­ter/sweet. There’s ir­ri­ta­tion at things you might have done bet­ter, plans that didn’t ma­te­ri­alise, ideas that didn’t quite come off, the itch to make the next is­sue bet­ter than the cur­rent one.

Coun­ter­ing that is the lure of vis­tas yet undis­cov­ered let alone charted. Peek­ing, like Alice step­ping through the look­ing glass, at new, undis­cov­ered worlds and ex­pe­ri­ences.

The time has come to step aside from the stresses of edit­ing a mag­a­zine.

But I’m not fin­ished with this craft yet. There are still sto­ries to be writ­ten, yarns to be spun, ques­tions to be asked, peo­ple to be in­ter­viewed.

I hope to en­gage with you again in the pages of LCV Mag­a­zine but, as Ed­i­tor, it’s time for me to bid a fond farewell.

To all of the peo­ple who have sup­ported me as I de­vel­oped LCV Mag­a­zine ed­i­to­ri­ally and all of you who gave me pos­i­tive feed­back, I say, thank-you.

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