New Zealand Listener - - DIVERSIONS - by Alan Shuker

Clues across

1. Whose (Al­bert ___) oral vac­cine has played a key role in nearly erad­i­cat­ing po­lio? (5) 4. What is a cream-filled choux pas­try topped with choco­late? (6) 9. What is a hard to de­fine spe­cial tal­ent or qual­ity? (1,6) 10. What is a di­vi­sion of a box­ing or wrestling match? (5) 11. Which au­to­mo­bile man­u­fac­turer pro­gressed from sewing ma­chines to bi­cy­cles to cars? (4) 12. What is a group of three re­lated lit­er­ary works? (7) 13. What is kph times 0.621371? (1,1,1) 14. What crea­ture can jump 150 times its own height? (4) 16. Which coun­try es­tab­lished in 1922 was of­fi­cially dis­solved De­cem­ber 1991? (1,1,1,1) 18. Who is Pip’s brother-in-law in Great Ex­pec­ta­tions? (3) 20. Which small wind in­stru­ment’s name is Ital­ian “lit­tle goose”? (7) 21. What is a skin mark from a old wound? (4) 24. What, ac­cord­ing to Leo Tol­stoy, is the short­hand of emo­tion? (5) 25. The only ko­tuku nest­ing site in New Zealand is near which la­goon? (7) 26/27 Who co-wrote Fawlty Tow­ers with John Cleese? (6,5)

Clues down

1/2 Which fic­tional de­tec­tive fea­tured in comic strips, nov­els and dra­matic pro­duc­tions from 1893 to 1978? (6,5) 3. What are the eggs or young of head lice? (4) 5. What is a dec­o­ra­tive twist in cal­lig­ra­phy? (8) 6. From Latin, what is “of or con­tain­ing wa­ter”? (7) 7. Re­flec­tion from the retina gives what un­wanted ef­fect in pho­tos of faces? (3-3) 8. Ac­cord­ing to US Sen­a­tor Hi­ram W John­son in 1918, the first ca­su­alty when war comes is what? (5) 13. What tra­di­tional Mex­i­can mu­sic is played by a small group of strolling mu­si­cians? (8) 15. What is a se­cre­tive or il­licit sex­ual re­la­tion­ship? (7) 17. What acid is emit­ted by some ants? (6) 18. Who led the Arg­onauts? (5) 19. What or­na­ment is fas­tened to cloth­ing with a hinged pin and catch? (6) 22. Which city is close to the only sur­vivor of the Seven Won­ders of the An­cient World? (5) 23. What is the side post of a door­way? (4)

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