New Zealand Listener - - DIVERSIONS - by Alan Shuker

Clues across

7. What wild cat is found from south­ern Texas through Cen­tral Amer­ica and most of trop­i­cal South Amer­ica? (6) 8. What de­scribes an old di­lap­i­dated car? (6) 10/11. Reach for the Sky, a Baftaw­in­ning 1956 film based on a 1954 bi­og­ra­phy tells whose story? (7,5) 12. What is pow­dered soap­stone? (4) 13. Which com­poser-pi­anist ( ____ Schu­mann) had a con­cert ca­reer of over 60 years? (5) 17. What is a coun­cil-run en­clo­sure for stray or un­li­censed dogs? (5) 18. Which city was sur­rounded by the Aure­lian Wall? (4) 22. What type of plant is the spiky cen­tury plant? (5) 23. Which Ir­ish Rovers song ( The ____) men­tions green al­li­ga­tors and long-necked geese? (7) 24. Which 1986 sci­ence-fic­tion hor­ror film star­ring Sigour­ney Weaver was di­rected by James Cameron? (6) 25. Benny the Ball, Of­fi­cer Dibble, Brain, Fan­cyFancy and Choo-Choo are char­ac­ters in which early 60s an­i­mated Hanna-Bar­bera tele­vi­sion se­ries? (3,3)

Clues down

1. The Ger­man pris­oner-of-war camp Oflag IV-C was lo­cated in which cas­tle? (7) 2. What is the al­co­holic in­gre­di­ent of a margarita? (7) 3. The name of what small or­na­men­tal mat came from a 17th-cen­tury Lon­don draper? (5) 4. What is Ger­many’s sec­ond­largest city? (7) 5. Which sports ground is home to the world’s old­est sport­ing mu­seum? (5) 6. In Greek mythol­ogy, what ser­pent-like wa­ter beast had many heads? (5) 9. The bird’s nest fern be­longs to which genus? (9) 14. In 1832, French chemist Pierre Ro­bi­quet dis­cov­ered what com­monly used drug? (7) 15. Which coun­try is the world’s largest canned sar­dine ex­porter? (7) 16. Which comic strip has char­ac­ters Franklin, Lucy, Mar­cie and Shroeder? (7) 19/20. Which US politi­cian said “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.”? (5,5) 21. What is a piece of turf dis­lodged by a golf club? (5)

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