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This graphic shows per­cent­age changes in key health in­di­ca­tors from 2001-12 us­ing Youth2000 se­ries data:

The in­ner wheel is the 2001 level for each is­sue.

Each spoke that ex­tends out be­yond that cir­cle rep­re­sents a per­cent­age in­crease in that is­sue; each one that goes in­ward from that cir­cle is a per­cent­age de­crease in that is­sue. So if you look at “Par­ents worry about money for food”, for ex­am­ple, the line ex­tends out from the cir­cle, mean­ing it has in­creased since 2001. The “Part -time job” line goes in­wards, as this has decreased since 2001.

The changes that are neg­a­tive are de­picted in red, and the changes that are pos­i­tive are in green. For ex­am­ple, we have a de­crease in cig­a­rette smok­ing and in­crease in car­ing adults at school – both pos­i­tive, so both green.

The length of the bar shows the per­cent­age change, so a 50% drop goes half the way in, whereas a 5% drop goes 5% in.

Where there has been min­i­mal or no change, the coloured bar is ab­sent.

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