Puz­zle No 1444

New Zealand Listener - - DIVERSIONS - by Alan Shuker

Clues across

1. Which 1314 bat­tle was a sig­nif­i­cant Scot­tish vic­tory in the First War of In­de­pen­dence? (11) 8. Of Ja­panese ori­gin, what is treat­ment by press­ing the fin­gers to spe­cific pres­sure points on the body? (7) 9. Which poet was de­scribed as “mad, bad and dan­ger­ous to know”? (5) 10. Who (Ran­som Eli ___) founded a mo­tor ve­hi­cle com­pany in 1897? (4) 11. Ac­cord­ing to Aris­to­tle, which gem­stone pre­vents epilepsy? (7) 12. What word can fol­low cau­li­flower, outer and glue? (3) 13. What is the tail of a hare or rab­bit? (4) 15. What is the card played first in a trick or round? (4) 17. What is a long, thin feathered stole? (3) 19. At 2706m, Monte Cinto as the high­est peak on what is­land? (7) 20. As­tro­naut Neil Arm­strong came from which US state? (4) 23. Who (Quentin ____) wrote Man­ners from Heaven? (5) 24. What knotted lace is made by hand with a small shut­tle? (7) 25. What is an ad­mirer of France and ev­ery­thing French? (11)

Clues down

1. Where is home­town for ac­tors Uma Thur­man, John Slat­tery and Tay­lor Schilling? (6) 2. What myth­i­cal nymph in­hab­its rivers, springs and wa­ter­falls? (5) 3. What is a prom­ise to tell the truth in a court of law? (4) 4. Who (Paul ____) led the Afrikan­ers to vic­tory in the First Boer War in 1881? (6) 5. Bat­man’s enemy the Pen­guin usu­ally car­ries what? (8) 6. In Bud­dhism, what is a state of per­fect hap­pi­ness? (7) 7. Most of the US’s im­ported oil comes from where? (6) 12. Win­ning the 1960 Olympic marathon in bare feet, Abebe Bik­ila rep­re­sented which coun­try? (8) 14. Where is home­town for singer Char­lotte Church? (7) 16. Wat­tle trees be­long to which genus? (6) 17. Dur­ing a se­vere win­ter in Scan­di­navia in 1987, which sea froze over? (6) 18. What is the flap un­der shoelaces? (6) 21. Port-au-Prince is the cap­i­tal of where? (5) 22. What road sign is oc­tag­o­nal? (4)

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