New Zealand Listener - - DIVERSIONS - by David Toss­man

Clues across

1. Henry ap­pears in a book ready for vis­i­tors (2,4) 4. US spies en­gage le­gal pro­fes­sion when go­ing back to ac­quire a for­eign lan­guage (6) 8. Half-a-dozen sold as a unit or nine put firstly in bag (3-4) 9. Play pos­sum de­cep­tively af­ter poor pop de­parts for places of safety (7) 10. Lay­out got messed up and be­came un­tidy for ex­am­ple (9) 12. Messrs Hefner and Grant, say, in shades (4) 13. A king­dom you might spy in the sun­set on Gal­way Bay (5) 14. Be­gin a new life of vice once cor­rupted (8) 16. Ate erect with dif­fi­culty and so forth (2,6) 18. You could find room in Amer­ica? Bingo! (5) 20. She has a pupil? (4) 21. The Christ­mas pe­riod has mums mired in con­fu­sion (9) 23. Rev­o­lu­tion­ary with a pas­try, an in­ex­pen­sive one (7) 24. Furtively ap­proach wild punks, bit­ing each briefly (5-2) 25. Looked closely at sign of ex­ces­sive beet­root con­sump­tion? (6) 26. Light-hearted, sec­ond rate and sup­ple (6)

Clues down

1. The top peo­ple twisted tails (1-4) 2. Au­drey had lead in pro­duc­tion of Nehru (7) 3. Warm voice con­trived for Zappa, some say (9) 5. Rhode Is­land, heaven for the kind of ac­tiv­ity gam­blers like (5) 6. Un­co­op­er­a­tive layabout turns up with male, de­tain­ing one (7) 7. Re­fur­bish­ing can re­vamp mo­tor home (6,3) 11. Where you might grow ap­ples or sil­ver­beet (7) 13. Stir up hot stew in an ed­u­ca­tional job (9) 15. Los­ing out­liers, I can­not rule out be­ing up at night (9) 17. Some Lutheran sneak­ily turned up to trap (7) 19. Skite about med­i­cal de­gree in pompous lan­guage (7) 21. State “I mean to be dif­fer­ent” (5) 22. Learn­ing by rep­e­ti­tion, skirt­ing univer­sity, that’s the way (5)

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