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Logic Puz­zle: The pyra­mid of Djoser is 3.4 acres and hails from the 27th cen­tury BC (C27 BC), that of Khafre is 11.4 acres from C26 BC, that of Niuserre is 1.5 acres from C25 BC and the pyra­mid of Unas is 0.8 acres from C24 BC. Scatterword: TRUM­PETER, mut­terer, tempter, trum­pet, tem­per, mut­ter, me­ter, me­tre, tempt, trump, mere, meet, mete, teem, emeu, perm, prem, temp, term, mute, rump, mutt. 22 words. Permutate: EGYPT EMPTY, MOPEY, MONEY, DE­MON, MOUND Clue­less crossword:

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