Oh so quotable: “Ev­ery­one has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”

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di­rect with brands. Our cor­po­rate ad­ver­tis­ing is sold by Adhub, which has a great team to work with. We were one of the first pub­lish­ers to sign on. Paul Mant who [pre­vi­ously ran] Adhub is a surfer, so he has been a great sup­port in grow­ing this area for us. We’ve al­ways fea­tured a lot of con­tent, es­pe­cially na­tive ad­ver­tis­ing. This is an area we’ve al­ways worked hard on, en­hanc­ing our ad­ver­tis­ers’ pres­ence through use of re­lated me­dia and sto­ries in con­tent ar­eas on site. Our con­tent is just sup­port­ing me­dia though, and only ac­counts for ten per­cent of our page views. We’re pri­mar­ily an in­for­ma­tion and plan­ning tool. We’ve seen strong growth in mo­bile for sure. But most of our core user base ac­cess through their PCs, then take us mo­bile for the week­end. So we have a mix of both. Mo­bile ad­ver­tis­ing is highly ef­fec­tive, we see the high­est click-through rates from mo­bile and it’s a ge­o­graph­i­cally pow­er­ful medium to use. Phones are get­ting big­ger, so the user ex­pe­ri­ence and in­ter­ac­tion will get bet­ter. Yes, we need to be on it daily. And we’re re­al­is­ing that we’ll all just be­come an­other on­line chan­nel on what­ever box is in use (in­clud­ing smart TVs). It’s fas­ci­nat­ing to see tele­vi­sion com­pletely frag­ment. We’re on Net­flix at home. Watch­ing main­stream TV is just bizarre th­ese days. The days of sit­ting there be­ing fed con­tent and ad­ver­tis­ing you don’t want to see are gone. It’s clear that tele­vi­sion ad­ver­tis­ing will most prob­a­bly cease to ex­ist in the near fu­ture, and that spend will have to trans­fer some­where else; prob­a­bly into con­tent or on­line chan­nel spon­sor­ships. Who knows? Our core in­for­ma­tion tools and tech­nol­ogy will im­prove with tech­nol­ogy. And it’s likely that we’ll be­come a smart TV chan­nel as web­site in­ter­faces con­tinue to change. I sup­pose so, but I think it’s sim­ply about solv­ing a prob­lem for a user. The key thing I like about our busi­ness is that we get peo­ple off couches and ac­tive into healthy out­door adventure. For any­one start­ing any kind of busi­ness, I would rec­om­mend do­ing a Startup Week­end event.

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